Vault 31

What follows is a failed social media game I tried to get started via Google+ Collections. I thought this was all pretty interesting so I wanted to share and preserve it on my site. I wish I had more, similar to the A City Without Hope game I’d been posting. But, alas, it seems that there wasn’t much interest in a Fallout themed game.

Chapter One: Sales Pitch

“… only 122 Vaults across the country space is extremely limited. Remember when I said that each Vault can hold a thousand inhabitants at most. That’s without room for growth! That’s only one hundred and twenty-two thousand spots available for the three hundred million inhabitants of this fair country! If you don’t reserve your spot today there might not be room tomorrow!”

The Vault-Tec salesman has a slew of brochures and papers spread out across your kitchen table. In bold letters the top most flyer reads, “THE VAULT OF THE FUTURE!” but you secretly hope that Vault-Tec is selling a future that will never come to pass…

Still. The Chinese have been acting more aggressive… War could be on the horizon. Better safe than sorry. Right?

[Who are you? What do you do for a living? Why did Vault-Tec select you? What price did you pay for your spot in Vault 31?]

Chapter Two: October 23rd, 2077

The sirens scream to life.




It’s happening.

It’s really happening.

The bombs are falling.

[How did you survive the first wave of attacks? How did you get to Vault 31 safely? What problems did you encounter along the way?]

Chapter Three: Abandoned

There is a loud hiss as the vault door seals shut, not to open until the surface is habitable again. You glance down at your paperwork… a stack of paper rendered worthless now that you’re inside. But months ago, when the Vault-Tec salesman came to your door… It became the most valuable set of paper in your home.

You flip through your paperwork. Your signature across a dozen pages. Reminders of your former income. The cost of living here. All the material things you’ve just left behind.

You glance around at the sea of confused and frightened people. There are so many questions being asked but no one providing answers. Where are all the Vault-Tec employees? What are you supposed to do now? Who’s in charge here?

[What do you do when it becomes obvious that your Vault is missing it’s Overseer?]

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