I spent so many years podcasting about the RPG industry that I managed to find myself on numerous press release lists. I’ve done a good job clearing myself out in the last year, since it seems unfair to include me in a list of people who could boost your signal. Not that I ever advertised for press releases anyway. Well, it seems like for the first time in my life I’m going to share a press release.

As a bit of a disclaimer, this article is link heavy for my site. I don’t normally spam links in what I write but this is a special occasion. I’m trying to draw attention to something and I want you to go check it out on your own. Hopefully all these links come across as helpful references and not click-bait.

Moving on. From time to time a press release shows up in my inbox. Yesterday as one of those days. Except this press release wasn’t from some shitty amateur company puking out another quick D&D cash-in hack of a book. This release was for something I’d been expecting. The latest offering from Pinnacle Entertainment Group for their Savage Worlds line is a setting collection, called The Last Parsec, and it’s caught my attention.

It came across my radar when my friend John Wick mentioned he’d been contacted to write a short story in that universe. A short story about a Captain being put in a no-win situation. John based the Captain on a mutual friend of ours and he also let slip that all the characters have a real world counterpart. Including a character based on me!

Yesterday, along with the launch  of the Last Parsec Kickstarter, Pinnacle released John’s story ” A Clear Understanding of Honor“. I grabbed it, read it over my lunch break at work, and really dig not only the story but the setting. I placed a couple of the characters and had a hunch about who I was but, admittedly, had to check with John for confirmation. The story is only a few pages long and for $3 is well worth the price of admission. I highly recommend it.

This one story really piqued my curiosity about this universe though and being a lapsed Savage World’s fan it wasn’t a hard sell to bring me back into the fold. Soon I found myself not only the backing the Kickstarter for $70 (to get print copies of all three books) but buying the Deluxe Explorer’s Edition, Science Fiction Companion, and Horror Companion as well. All to get to know more about this Last Parsec universe. You don’t have to take my endorsement alone. You can check out the Last Parsec Primer for free or read either of the two other stories written in the setting.

I started this entry talking about press releases and I figured I can wrap this unsolicited endorsement for the Last Parsec Kickstarter with the press release Pinnacle sent me. It’s really tangential to my whole story, but I have it and figured the it wouldn’t hurt to share any information I had.


Kickstarter Project: Savage Worlds Goes to the Last Parsec and Beyond!

For Immediate Release

Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators of the award-winning tabletop roleplaying game Savage Worlds, launched a Kickstarter project for The Last Parsectoday. You can find the Kickstarter page in the link here.

The Last Parsec is a space exploration setting using the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion. A free 12-page document (The Last Parsec Primer) detailing the setting rules and background information on playing characters in The Last Parsecis available at https://www.peginc.com/product-category/the-last-parsec/ .

The Kickstarter for The Last Parsec offers print and PDF access to three setting books, a Game Master Screen with an adventure, 9 miniatures, 2 double-sided ship maps, Bennies (poker chips), and a double deck of playing cards. Stretch goals include a soundtrack by Harry Mack, Wild Dice, archetypes, more adventures, printable paper miniatures, a JumpCorp Requisition Kit with forms, ID cards, and death certificates, and finally the potential to unlock additional miniatures.

Pinnacle President Shane Hensley discussed some of the inspiration behind The Last Parsec in the first of several Design Diary releases, located in this link. Here is a snippet from that document:

Imagine the awe and wonder of discovering an intelligent being. Or even some wild and terrifying animal. And that’s what The Last Parsec is all about. It’s not hard science fiction or military science fiction or even space opera. It’s exploration science fiction where an explorer and her companions can be the first to step into the boundless void and discover things beyond our wildest dreams. It’s a setting where you can play alien races humanity has already encountered and experience the awe and wonder of the possible.

The sheer size of The Last Parsec also means that we wanted it to be something like a “sandbox”—or more appropriately, a “starbox”—game where Game Masters can make their own worlds, armies, societies, monsters, races, and adventures.

Savage Worlds was created by Shane Lacy Hensley.Savage Worlds, as well as The Last Parsec and the Pinnacle logo are all trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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