The Adiraz Empire

The Adiraz Empire

“Work Is What You Are”

Hidden away in the D’romiy Mountains of Eocene sits the Adiraz Empire. It’s inhabitants, known as Adirazians, are known for their work ethic, fortitude, and integrity. Their industrial attitude has led to many of the scientific breakthroughs that Eocene enjoys. This dedication to working can sometimes manifest in a pursuit of material possessions over all else. They are also an intensely private, almost secretive, people. Adiraz is responsible for dozens of industrial guilds founded to protect their inventions and contributions to the Nations.


Numerous labyrinthine city-states built deep into the mountain range form the Adiraz Empire. Massive gateway corridors are dug to connect cities and it’s not uncommon for a Adirazian born inside the mountain to never see the sun. While the bulk of each city rests under the mountain peaks most have at least a single fortified villages that spills out into the foothills. These villages are scant and often neglected, home to refugees, criminals, and anyone unwelcome within the mountains.

Every city obeys the Royal Crown of Adiraz , which has been held by the Sala family since the founding of the Empire. The Sala family was one of the first to step forward and offer a home of one of the Seven Swords. They vowed to protect others from its wrath and support a bloodline of custodians for the blade. It has since become custom for the eldest child to inherit the throne while the second born must carry the Nation’s Sword, Tog’so’hoy’th.


Most Adirazians don’t practice a deist belief system, many claiming that some truths are unknown and, perhaps, unknowable. As such, there is little in the way of Adirazian based organized religion. With regards to the Old Ones, most citizens agree that they may be Gods there doesn’t seem to be a need to worship them as such.

The closest the Empire has come to developing a religion is in the devotion to the Lords of Labor, living industry leaders that many Adirazians pay tribute to. Outside of the Lords of Labor the Empire is, almost strangely, tolerant the other faiths. Including, the often deemed blasphemous, Order of the Old Ones. While followers aren’t encouraged to built temples and shrines, they are also not discouraged from spreading their faith.


While the Empire maintains a small national guard, often stationed in villages that border problematic regions, they don’t have much in the way of an external fighting force. Most of this is due to the Empire’s unassailable location, with its cities being buried beneath the mountains they have only a scant few entrances to protect from invaders.

Internally, however, is a complete opposite. The Adirazian Police Force is highly regarded and feared within the Empire. Within interior cities, watch stations are found almost every major corridor and the external villages often have a large barracks serving the A.P.F. and helping house any military forces stationed in the village.


The Adiraz Empire is renown throughout Eocene for their production of industrial metals and alloys. With Copper, Nickel, Lead, and Iron being a heavily exported raw material and Duralumin, Bronze, and Steel being commonly produced alloys. Their subterranean living makes livestock difficult to come by and meats are often a delicacy imported for other nations.

Despite having many prime commodities to base their economic values on, the Sala Family has instead established fiat money, Zuz, for their Empire. They have, however, leveraged their vast stocks of metals to maintain an impressive system of coinage with Copper and Iron being used for lesser valued coins and Bronze and Steel for higher valued monies.

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