Update: I’m over this meme. The next few weeks aren’t that interesting and some days had topics that I didn’t write much for. So, instead of RPGaWEEK, I’ve done RPGaONCE.

I’ve seen this meme going around for the last few days but hit took me forever to track down the source. It looks like it started here. It’s captured my interest but I have zero desire to do a daily post about the topic so I’m just going to do weekly recaps. I shall be doing RPGaWEEK and every Saturday I’ll bring you the next set of entries in my list. I didn’t start this last week because I was lazy and forgot.

1st – First RPG Played

dungeons-dragons-player-handbookFor me, like so many others before me, gaming started with the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. My story begins with an older brother (ten years and half-brother if you want details) and parents who took away his gaming books. Somehow they made their way to my Grandmother’s house and I found them in one of my frequent excursions into her closet. She had so many old neat things I loved looking at. When I came across a box with an odd demon thing on the cover I knew I found something special. My Grandmother would have given me the world if I asked so when I wanted the book she didn’t say no. I was around thirteen then and I brought it to school with me the next day. My friends had heard of it and we started making up stories about what we found inside the book. It wasn’t a traditional game and I don’t think we even used dice at first, but it started everything for me.

2nd – First RPG Gamemastered

dungeons-dragons-player-handbookYou might notice in the previous story that I was the one who brought gaming to my friends. As such, the first RPG I played was also the first RPG I gamemastered. In fact, I think i gamemastered before I played. While I’d love to tell you another story, this entry is going to sound much like the first. Short version, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons again.

3rd – First RPG Purchased

Vampire - The Masquerade 2nd EditionI don’t know how accurate this statement is but my gut says Vampire: The Masquerade. It could have been something else, it’s hard to recall because I was given so many book before I purchased any. Aside from what I found at my Grandmother’s I had a box that I got from my older sister’s boyfriend. He had gamed when he was younger and traded me a box of old book, everything from D&D to Shadowrun, to Star Frontiers, for my baseball hat. That deal, and his impact on my life, is a story for another time. Then there were the books I got from my brother along with photocopies of Vampire: The Masquerade and Rifts books. Since I don’t really remember what the first one I bought for myself was, I’m going to just pick Vampire since it’s one of my favorites from that era.

4th – Most recent RPG purchase

107734This is a tricky category for me because I’ve been given books for trade and kickstarted books that I haven’t received yet. Technically, the newest book in on my shelf is Wield and I recently backed Primetime Adventures. However, I traded for Wield and I haven’t received my copy of Primetime Adventures yet. Instead, I’m going with the most recent RPG I handed money to someone and they handed me a book in return; Our Last Best Hope. Also, I want to promote Our Last Best Hope a little because it’s fantastic.

5th – Most Old School RPG owned

dungeons-dragons-player-handbook This is easy, I still have the copy of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons I got from my Grandmother’s closet over fifteen years ago. At least I think it’s that copy. See, at one point I had multiple copies of the AD&D books. I had left a bunch of my books at a friend’s house. His parents had divorced and out of nowhere he decided to move in with his dad. He took all my books, stopped returning my calls, and dropped off the face of the planet. I don’t know which copy of the AD&D Player’s Handbook I have, but I have a copy of the Player’s Handbook.

6th – Favorite RPG Never get to play

51DXXW8CWDLThis might be a surprise to some of you, seeing as how I’m a much bigger fan of contemporary or narrative games, but I freaking love Wraith the Oblivion. Yet, I’ve never been able to play a game of it. I’ve run my fair share and played in some Play-by-Post games, but never sat down at a table with it. Maybe once the 20th Anniversary edition comes out I’ll manage to round-up a couple of people at a convention to indulge me, but I’m not holding my breath.

7th – Most “intellectual” RPG owned

pennyThis was a hard category because I wasn’t sure what “intellectual” really meant. I’ve played a lot of games that talked about high concept ideas and I’ve read a few that dealt with things outside the normal scope of games, but few I’d dub “intellectual”. In the end, I went with the game that makes me think the most. I’ve never been able to sit down and coast through a game of A Penny for My Thoughts. Every session requires you to really put your head into the game and think about the psyche of your character.

8th – Favorite character

ramondelli_mrfreezeIf you know me, or picked up on some of the stuff mentioned in my second entry, you know that I game master more than I play. This leaves me in a tricky spot when it comes to picking a favorite character because most of mine are pretty short-lived. Instead I’ve decided to pick out an NPC and not even an NPC of my original creation. I’ve run a lot of Batman themed games and one of my favorite version of a character I’ve done is my work with Mr. Freeze. The basic idea is that in these games Batman is dead. For Freeze I used origins from both the classic Heart of Ice (Batman: The Animated Series) and the The Big Chill (The Batman). Victor, obsessed with saving his wife Nora, began a life of crime to fund his experiments. During a confrontation, Batman accidentally breaches the chamber holding Nora  and exposes Victor to the chemicals inside. Nora died and Mr. Freeze was born. After that he gave up all hope and retired to a cell in Arkham. Upon his release he starts buying equipment that looks like the kinds of things you’d want for a doomsday weapon. In truth, he is building Gotham’s first Cryoprison.

9th – Favorite Die / Dice Set

41kFft4OZMLI’m a big fan of the branded World of Darkness dice in general. In fact, when they didn’t do a set for Geist the Sin-Eaters I was extremely annoyed. Some of them looked like horseshit, I’m looking at you Werewolf the Forsaken dice, and others were poorly colored, that means you Mage the Awakening dice, but in general I loved those dice. Oddly enough, my favorite set came from a game I didn’t much care for; Changeling the Lost. Really, I just love the color green and the combinations of green on those dice were gorgeous to my eyes. Really, those were the last dice that I even really cared about…

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