Five Minutes Left

Originally Published at on 2004-08-13.

Minute 5: Jenna cried in the corner. She could hear the muffled moans on the other side of the bathroom door. The rhythmic yet random sound of hands scraping against the cheap wood door. She held the gun in her trembling hands. The last bullet loaded into the chamber. She cried more.

Minute 4: Jenna remembered watching her boyfriend, Todd, being ripped apart by creatures. She cried harder. She remembered Todd shooting himself in the face so he wouldn’t become one of them. The clawing outside grew louder. So did Jenna’s sobbing.

Minute 3: Jenna shoved the gun in her mouth. Her time for fighting was over. Any minute now those creatures were going to burst into the bathroom. Trying to eat her flesh. The thought of killing herself frightened her so much. She couldn’t pull the trigger, not yet. She cried.

Minute 2: BANG! A decaying hand breaks through the plywood door. The hand claws wildly at the air. Jenna screams in terror. Clutching the gun in her mouth. She can’t kill herself until she KNOWS. Until she is sure there is no way to escape. The hand continues to wave for an eternity.  The door cracks open wider. A bloody torso pushes into the room.

Minute 1: The first corpse pushes into the room. The face is torn apart, beyond recognition. The chest is ripped open, organs dragging across the floor. More guts fall with each movement it makes. Jenna cries harder. She can recognize the clothing. The nearly fatal gunshot wound. It didn’t kill him. Jenna doesn’t’ want to make the same mistake. She pushes the barrel into her mouth.

Minute 0: The horror is over.

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