Sigilo Carrasco

I was born in the backroom of a Vodacce brothel. My father was a Castillen priest who had succumb to temptation and shortly after my birth my mother turned me over to the Church. I was shipped to Castille and raised in the shadow of Verdugo’s Inquisition. My mentor knew that one day the Hierophant would die and chaos would consume the Church for years afterwards. In that time, Verdugo had a grand plan to reform the church and prepare the flock for the end of days. I was to be a key part of his plan, a loyal servant tasked to hunting down rebellious factions that would surely arise in the wake of the reform.

I was educated in my native Castille and sent to train in my mother’s home of Vodacce. Soon I took my vows and was sent out into the world to track down rogue elements within the faith. The most concerning being the Invisible College, a group of troublemakers trying to overthrow the Inquisition and keep the Church blind to the inevitable future. The time for learning was past, we must prepare for war and these Collegers would stop at nothing to ensure the Church was far from prepared.

I spent years fruitlessly tracking the Invisible College. Whenever I drew close they would vanish like ghosts in the night. Finally, I found a place to strike. A ship, The Illuminator, that delivered messages for the Church, was secretly working with the College. I slipped in one night to confront the crew… Only to find them already awaiting my arrival.

The Illuminator’s crew showed me things that Inquisition had kept secret from me. My mother never turned me out, the Church stole me to keep my father’s sin a secret. My father wasn’t a simple wayward priest, but a high ranking member of the Church with a long history of adulteress behavior. They even had theories that the Inquisition was responsible for the Hierophant’s death. Then they told me what the College truly represented. They weren’t a rebellion seeking to doom the Church, they were the true curators of the Church’s vision. It was Verdugo’s Inquisition that rebelled.

I was to return to Castille at once to confront Verdugo about his years of lies but the Illuminator convinced me otherwise. By remaining true to the Inquistion I could be a powerful ally for the College. They wanted me to feed lies back to the Church to help protect the College. I knew that too many dead ends and failures would expose me and convinced them to, on occasion, give up some of the College’s secrets. When my information led to the first confirmed, but long abandoned, College safe-house my position was secured.

Now I work for the College and serve on-board the Illuminator. The Inquisition believes I’m tracking church messages and feeding them anything suspicious. Questions of my own burn within me though. Who is my mother? Does she even know I’m still alive? Could I save her? And what of my father? What position does he hold? Is he an ally or a foe? When will I have my chance to punish Verdugo for keeping me mentally captive? Who was responsible for the Hierophant’s death? How can I bring them to justice? What will it take to tear down the Inquisition? Can I save the Church? But more than any of that, why has God done this to me? What is my purpose? I only hope the Illuminator will lend me some of it’s light.


“Wake Me Up” by The Postmodern Jukebox Literal Translation “Wake Me Up” by Avicii Sigilo’s Meaning
Estoy sintiendo mi camino a través de la oscuridad I’m feeling my way through the darkness Feeling my way through the darkness In a lot of ways Sigilo feels like he’s lost his way. His faith has been shattered and broken, leaving him “in the dark”.
Guiada por mi corazón Guided by my heart Guided by a beating heart While Sigilo was once guided by his faith he’s now guided only by his own heart.
No sé decir donde del viaje va a terminar I can not say where the journey will end I can’t tell where the journey will end There is a conflict in Sigilo’s future. Either the Inquisition will find him out or he’ll confront Verdugo. He doesn’t know what will happen in the end though.
Pero sé por donde empezar But I know where to start But I know where to start The Invisible College showed him aspects of his own faith he had never known. They took the change to show him the truth and he knows they are the truest allies he’s ever known.
Me dicen que soy demasiado joven para entender I say I’m too young to understand They tell me I’m too young to understand Sigilo is young, only 19-20 years old. His faith guides so much of his life and he’s often told he’s blind to the real world.
Que estoy atrapada en un sueño I’m trapped in a dream They say I’m caught up in a dream With both his steadfast faith and his dream of seeing the Invisible College restore the church there are always people telling him he’s dreaming.
Buena la vida me pasará si no abro los ojos Good life if I will not open my eyes Well life will pass me by if I don’t open up my eyes Again, there are some that are convinced that Sigilo isn’t really living. He’s too resolute in his faith that he refuses to see the day to day.
Bueno por mí está bien Well for me it’s okay Well that’s fine by me Except Sigilo truely believes. In both his faith and his dreams. He’s perfectly content missing the day to day if he can see his dreams brought to life.
Yo intenté llevar el peso del mundo I tried to carry the weight of the world I tried carrying the weight of the world The Inquisition has fed him a mantra of his place in the church since he was a child. He believed he would be the one to lead the way for the Church’s future.
Pero solo tengo dos manos But I have both hands alone But I only have two hands Being floored by the realization that his whole life has been a lie was a big wake up call. Once a loner, Sigilo now sees the power in having friends.
Deseo tener la oportunidad de viajar por el mundo I wish I had the opportunity to travel the world Hope I get the chance to travel the world With a new life of options in front of him Sigilo would love to bring the real message of the Church out into the world.
Pero yo no tengo planes But I don’t have any plans But for now he knows he has to deal with his own past before he can secure the future.
Deseo poder quedarme así de joven para siempre I wish I could stay like this forever young Wish that I could stay forever this young Sigilo has a sinking feeling that his energy and ambition aren’t something he’ll have forever.
No temo cerrar los ojos Not afraid to close my eyes Not afraid to close my eyes He’s seen the corruption in the Church by men and women afraid to dream and is worried about becoming one of them.
La vida es un juego hecho para todos Life’s a game made for everyone Life’s a game made for everyone This isn’t something Sigilo is aware of yet, but in the back of his mind he’s starting to feel that life is a toy of God.
Y el amor es el premio And love is the prize And love is the prize And that if one does well, and plays God’s game, that in the end they can foster love in the world.
Despiértame cuando todo haya terminado Wake me when it’s over So wake me up when it’s all over Sigilo has commited himself to “sleeping” and “dreaming” until he can see his Church restored.
Cuando sea mayor y más sabia When I get older and wiser When I’m wiser and I’m older But he recognizes he has a lot to learn and this isn’t a goal he can accomplish in a few short years. This is is life now.
Todo este tiempo he estado encontrándome a mí misma All this time I’ve been finding myself myself All this time I was finding myself He was sure of his place up until recently, he didn’t know how much he had actually been growing.
Y no sabia que me perdí And I did not know I missed And I didn’t know I was lost This is the most true statement Sigilo has ever had. He found himself in the Invisible College, but he didn’t even realize he was lost in the Inquisition.
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