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Nico was born the son of a fisherman in small village near Venice and grew up to take over his father’s trade. Trained with his father from a young age and groomed to take the life of a fisherman. His father took ill when he was seventeen and seized control of his father’s boat. He married his childhood sweetheart when he was eighteen and saved every penny he earned until he could afford a home in Venice with her. They moved to Venice when they were 26 years old and he took up work as a gondolier.

A year after they moved to Venice his wife fell deathly ill. Within a month she passed and Nico delved into a fit of depression. He fled Venice and began working on fishing boat again. It was there that he first heard of Mother Hydra and Father Dagon the Old Gods of the Deep. After six years he returned to Venice and began studying the darkest arts in hopes to revive his dead wife. It took another ten years of study before he committed the ritual to make Mother Hydra bring back his wife. Instead, he found his city besieged by the children of the Old Mother and Father. Nico, feeling responsible for the Deep Ones, dedicates his life to cleansing Venice of the plague he brought upon it.

Age 43: When his gondola is attacked by Deep Ones and his passengers are taken, Nico tracks the creatures back to their lair in hopes of saving them and killing the creatures. But will Nico succeed when he discovers the lair rests beneath a nest of sirens? After discovering that the sirens have abducted a French musketeer, Nico takes a detour to rescue him. The Musketeer’s (theoretical) knowledge of monster weaknesses combined with Nico’s comfort for violence allowed the two to escape. Nico and Jean run into trouble when the Deep Ones note their presence. While trying to fight them off, Nathaniel Prescott comes into the lair, having heard the death shrieks of the sirens. He aids the two in dispatching the Deep Ones and helps get Nico’s passengers to safety.

Between Ages 17-26: When traveling in Greece, Magnus found stories of women being kidnapped from villages. He tracks them down only to find that the pagan god Pan is raping and murdering them. Can Magnus find a way to kill an actual god and save the region? While fishing off the coast of Greece, Nico’s nets pull in a Magnus wounded from his first encounter with Pan. Nico and his crew nurse Magnus back to health but when Magnus starts ranting about Gods and monsters the unbelieving Nico drops him on the isle of Crete. Magnus was taken prisoner by the island’s inhabitants and placed in an ancient maze next to a strangely clad man who seemed as confused as him. The two came across a minotaur in the dark caverns. After slaying the beast a great earthquake shook the island. The falling debris opened a whole in the mountain face before more minotaurs could find the unfortunate men. Fortune brought Nico’s ship back to the men where Friedrich explained to the sailors why they needed passage away from here.

Between Ages 27-33 : The sacking of Constantinople brought many new holy relics from the eastern church to Venice. Frederich now hunts down the powerful items that have fallen into hands of venetian merchants, but constantly finds himself out maneuvered by a shadowy adversary. Time grows shorter as new horrors come to Venice and these powerful items could be key to keeping the city standing. While tracking a relic in Marcille, Friedrich ran into Nathaniel who was tracking  a witch using the relic as a Focus for an unholy rite. Nathaniel distracted the witch so Friedrich could nab the artifact. When leaving Marcille the two hitch a ride of the fishing ship Nico is serving on and end up regaling the crew with their tale. Nico spends many nights conversing with Frederich and Nathaniel until he discovers the location of the witches home, which he later returns to and steals the witches journals.

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