Arkham Asylum: Chapter 1, Scene 1

Arkham Staff

Below are the key staff members at Arkham but because of the low inmate count the staff is fairly small. Sharp predicets steady growth as intake picks up.

Ruth Adams: Psychology Director. Ruth was the first hire Warden Sharp made when reopening Arkham Asylum. Having a dual degree in criminology and psychology made her a perfect candidate for the treatment of Gotham’s mentally ill criminals. She marked Arkham’s new direction, understanding and treatment of it’s patients. Not just containment. While Dr. Adams takes her job very seriously she is also considered one of the friendliest directors.

Charles Cavendish: Surgical Director. No one likes Dr. Cavendish. The man is cold and detached, a trait common among surgeons but amplified to unwholesome levels in Dr. Cavendish. He’s also bitter and resentful that Sharp has called in surgical consultants since he joined the staff. Since Dr. Cavendish worked at Arkham before the shut down he feels that he deserves better treatment than all the new hires he’s surrounded by. There are rumors that he’s an alcoholic but it’s yet to interfere with his work.

Penelope Young: R&D Director. Penny Young was always a brilliant student who was prepared to do anything to advance professionally. After graduating from Gotham University with top honors she built up a reputation for being a cold, calculating woman, focused only on the project at hand. She was hired at Arkham Asylum by Warden Quincy Sharp to head up the Asylum’s Research Department, and to finally restore to sanity the more deranged of Gotham City’s villains.

Harleen Quinzel: Psychiatry Intern. The latest addition to Arkham’s Staff, Dr. Quinzel is working under an Internship for her final college credits. She has been a model student and in addition to receiving high grades in college she is also a dedicated gymnast. In fact, that was how she won a full medical scholarship to Gotham City University. She’s expressed an interested in coming onto staff full time after she graduates, seeing Arkham Asylum as a resume builder.

Joan Leland: Head Nurse. Joan is actually a trained therapist, but because of Arkham’s low inmate numbers she accepted a position with the Nursing department. Warden Sharp has promised her a place in Psychology as soon as they have enough patients to require her services. To her advantage, Joan is incredibly attractive. She knows that Warden Sharp is going to do whatever he can to keep her around and fully plans to use his weakness should he back out of his agreements.

Aaron Cash: Security Director. One of the most senior and respected guards at Arkham. Years ago when Cash worked at Arkham he was severely wounded by Killer Croc a riot. Cash remained determined, however, to keep the asylum’s inmates under control and to conquer his fears of Croc. Replacing his hand with his trademark prosthetic hook. After the asylum closed down Cash retire but was recalled to duty at Arkham by Warden Sharp.

Lyle Bolton: Head Orderly. Lyle applied for the position of Security Director on the suggestion of Bruce Wayne. Having worked at Wayne Enterprises as a security consultant for a number of years Wayne felt Bolton would be a perfect addition to the staff. Sharp, however, turned him down in favor of Aaron Cash. A slight that Bolton hasn’t forgotten. Sharp, impressed with the size of Bolton, offered him the Head Orderly position. While Lyle accepted he’s made his desires to take over Cash’s post well known.

In addition to those listed above there are three consultants that Warden Sharp has brought in since the reopening. Dr. Hugo Strange, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and Dr. Thomas Elliot; Strange and Thompkins being Psychiatrists and Dr. Elliot a surgeon. There are a number of non-medical staff as well. Several security officers; Adam Hendricks, Eddie Burlow, Frank Boles, Henry Smith, Louie Green, Maria Andrade, Thomas Armbruster, and William North. Orderlies; Kevin Liew and Robert Stirling And a single janitor; Carl Todd.

Tonight’s Events

Tonight Warden Sharp called everyone to his office to discuss a new arrival. Word has just arrived that he has been captured and is en-route to the facility in the custody of, no one less than, Batman. This will be the first time Gotham’s Caped Crusader has personally delivered a new inmate and you understand why. Tonight you are expecting to receive the absolute worst or the worst. Tonight you meet The Joker.

The various staff gather in the Warden’s office, Sharp sits at his desk reviewing paperwork. Every few minutes he glances up and tells those gathered that they are waiting on a few more before they will begin. If the room wasn’t so spacious it would be crowded as almost everyone on staff, minus the on-duty security officers, file into the office. Once everyone has arrived, Sharp stands up and addresses the staff.

“I’m not going to mince words or waste time as they will be here any minute. I am sure you have heard the news by now and you all know what is at stake tonight.” The Warden stands behind his desk, fireplace crackling behind him, looking at the medical staff and key members of the security detail that have been gathered. Sharp is well groomed tonight and his suit is immaculate; he’s clearly expecting cameras later. “This is the moment we’ve been building towards. This will be a real test of our facility. We can not afford to fail. Now. Be honest with me. Are we ready?”

Aaron Cash is the first to speak up. “Riot gear should be mandatory for all security officers at intake, and gas masks should be worn not only by those directly dealing with him, but those working key security posts elsewhere.”

Olympe nods to Cash, happy that a security officer has brought this up first, “The Batman his good at what he does, but even if he’s done a strip search, until we’ve have the Joker under an X-ray, we won’t know what type of weapons he might have.”

From behind her Dr. Knight hears Dr. Cavendish clear his throat in a way obviously meant to express displeasure, but she ignores it. She has has no use for his ego, which is likely wounded that she spoke before he did.

“And while I know it won’t help us tonight, this only highlights the need to give all staff basic field medic training. If the Joker, or anyone else, starts slicing up guards, we don’t want to wait for a doctor or nurse to make it through the security bubbles into the cells.”

Katarina stayed quiet in the back of the room. After all, this was a discussion for the real staff to deal with, not the newly minted intern.

It was hard to stay quiet, though. If this was true… oh wow. Just wow! She probably wouldn’t be allowed to get close to him but just the fact that he was in the same building would make all the people back home super jealous.

She held the case files of the Calendar Man to her chest as she listened. He wasn’t the most interesting patient in the world but then again, she wasn’t a real doctor. She was just helping out so it shouldn’t be a surprise she was assigned such a low level inmate.

Despite the assignment, Katarina was determined to do her best. When Warden Sharpe looked around the room, she made sure she stood tall and looked ready. A good first impression was important.

When the security guy looked around the room, she had no words to add but looked at him with an encouraging smile. She believe he and the rest of security would keep them safe because… well the alternatives were unthinkable.

And when Dr. Knight mentioned being field trained, Katarina nodded firmly. She had taken Red Cross first aid training but a refresher was always a good idea.

Louis browsed casually through the casr file of Pamela Isley as he added his thoughts to the discussion.

“I am going to agree with Dr. Knight on that front. And to answer your question, warden, no. We are not prepared.”

The assembled staff looks in his direction. The less experienced hires look terrified. The more confident ones seem annoyed at his insinuation. But a few nod their heads slightly, knowing where he is going.

“The Joker isn’t someone you prepare for. There is no preparation for a random number generator. He can be a different person with a different modus operandi on any given hour of any given day. And he’s smarter than anyone is willing to give him credit for.”

Louis leans forward in his chair.

“We have no idea what he’s going to do, or even how he’s going to react to being here. We can’t be prepared for this. We can only throw every single precaution and contingency we can think of at him and then brace for impact. Anything short of that is unprepared. Having said that, no one but the most experienced members of our security staff should be in his detail. Preferably people who know how to manage their emotional responses.

Markov stands off to one side with his staff, arms crossed, right hand idly rubbing the crook of his left elbow.

“The Joker tends to show a distinct disassociation and altered body image not unlike someone who has recently taken a large dose of phencyclidine.”

Markov turns to address Warden Sharp directly. “Psychiatry stands ready to assist in this process in anyway we can. However without having the patients neurology I would hesitate to give him anything chemical. Whatever process that changed him doubtless altered his neurochemistry in much the same way that it bleached his skin. Trying to sedate him could just as easily trigger a hypomanic episode or worse.”

Markov looks back to Cash. “With that in mind, I would second Mr. Cash, Dr. Knight, and Dr. Mason’s suggestions. I would be so bold as to suggest we enter full lock-down and remove all non-essential personnel off site until the patient is processed.” He scans the room before he speaks again. “I’ve read his file. The man is walking excuse for our profession’s existence. Anyone who comes in contact with him is as likely to share a cell with him as they are to see to his recovery.”

Markov only half listened to the security guard. He had voiced his opinion, given his assurances, and provided his expertise on the matter. Now it was time for security to do its job. His mind was already drifting back to another patient.

The Crane file was still open on his desk. He had been reviewing it for what felt like the hundredth time. Leslie had suggested that he give the case to her or Hugo, but no. He knew Crane. Well, he thought he knew Crane. He had worked with the man. Talked to him. Hell, consulted with him.

“Let’s get this circus over with,” he thought, “I have patients who aren’t lost causes to help.”

The news of the Joker’s capture is sudden enough that is has interfered with Dr. Knight’s schedule. Before being called into the warden’s office, she had been about to consult with Otis Flannegan. Three of the man’s fingers had been damaged when they got trapped in a hole in the wall of the common area.

Dr. Knight had preformed a minor surgery to fix the injured nerves, and now needed to check on the progress. She re-arranged her schedule in her mind. Flannegan’s check up could wait, the whole surgical unit should be on alert until the Joker was safely contained in a cell.

Louis felt free to focus the majority of his attention on the file in his hands. Relegated for the longest time to more mundane inmates, he’d fought tooth and nail, leveraged every remaining shred of clout and respect he had left in this god forsaken institute, in order to retain Ms. Isley as his patient. There was nothing anyone would or likely could say at this meeting that both remained consistently relevant, or even true, and he was unaware of.

Pamela Isley, however, was he future.

Resistant or possibly immune to any drug they could administer, her rehabilitation fell entirely to non-pharmaceutical methods. And driven to terrible ends in order to achieve a laudable goal, she was exactly what he was looking for. This was the perfect case with which to prove the efficacy of his method. This was the success story his book needed.

And this is where his mind was.

“I agree with Dr. Markov, he is a higher level of risk than we’re used to. However, there might be an opportunity here to learn a bit about the neuro-chems that are used.” Nicole ponders tapping a finger on the file she has in front of her.

Sharp nods, “This is why we are here people, to house the worst of the worst and I don’t know a worse one than The Joker. Mr. Mason is correct, there is no dry run for someone like this. However, I can’t think of anything else we can do to get ready. Mr. Cash has outlined some extra security measures.”

Sharp clears his throat, “In addition, your safety concerns have not fallen on deaf ears. Comissioner Gordon of the GCPD has agreed to house a handful of his finest here on a more permanent basis, working with our internal security team to ensure as much protection as possible.”

As if on cue a dozen of Gotham’s finest file into the room. Sharp continues, “Each of you will have a GCPD liaison with you at all times until Commissioner Gordon decides to pull their assistance.”

Warden Sharp steps out from around his desk to finish addressing the staff. “You are right, there is no way to fully prepare for this kind of madness but I truly believe we have the best facility and staff this building has ever seen. Pair up with your officers and return to your rounds. When the Joker arrives those who need to be present will be paged. Until then it’s business as usual.”

Nicole notices the one cop with a wry smile on his face. She nods to Tommy Burke, “I’ll take smiley over there.” Nicole smiles back as she takes her queue and heads towards the door.

As their offices are fairly close, she motions over to Dr. Markov to get his attention. In a low voice, Nicole says, “If you want a work up on Joker’s blood to see what kind of neurological damage we’re talking about let me know.”

“I need someone with me that can pay close attention to lots of details in a high stress environment. All of you probably think you can do this, you can’t.”

She doesn’t stop to look at their offended face, in fact, she hasn’t bothered to look at them since they’ve walked in the room, her eyes looking to the middle distance as she plans out security measures in the OR.

“Scanning the Joker will be hard enough, getting him to sit still, keeping anything away that can be used as weapon, but if he has implanted anything in his body, we will have to operate. That means scalpels, drills, saws, and those are just the things meant to cut a person open, the Joker can make our lives hell with as little as a pair of forceps. And as Dr. Markov has already stated, we have no way to predict how he might react to sedation.

“I need people in that room who are watching every piece of equipment we take out of the secure cases, and watching that it gets back in.”

One of the female detectives steps forward.

“I’ll do it. I’m not afraid of hospital rooms.”

Olympe wants to say that the detective’s point has nothing to do with keeping the operating room safe, but she can already sense she’s insulted the police enough. She hadn’t counted on their help as more than another body anyway, putting more trust in the training she’s given her nurses and the procedures she uses in the OR.

At the sight of the officers filing into the room Dr. Markov turns to his staff. A quick and whispered conversation ensues. Some feel that the added protection is needed in light of the severity of the situation but generally all agree that having more security will hinder their work more than help. “If you feel it is necessary, then by all means seek protection, but as I said before, I have read this man’s file and few extra GCPD officers are just giving him more targets.”

Markov turns back to address the gathered officers and Warden Sharpe when Nicole catches his attention. “The sooner the better,” he responds sotto voce, “While I can’t officially say this, I would prefer to keep him gagged and sedate as much as possible. Less chance of trouble that way.”

The psychiatrist pauses for a moment as if getting his thoughts back into order and then addresses Warden Sharp. “Give the Commissioner my thanks, but I will have to decline. Several members of my staff and I feel that having a private guard will hinder our work more than help.” He smiles showing slightly yellowed teeth. “I for one spend much of my day locked in a secure office reading files and reports. When I am not, I am seeing to particular patients many of whom would react adversely to uniformed officers.”

Nicole approaches Joan Leland, “Once he is secure, we will need a sample of his blood to do some toxicity tests and determine what his reaction would be to certain medications. I’ll forward the paperwork to your team shortly, but I wanted to do that as soon as possible.”

Joan smiles at Nicole and nods. “I’ll have Nurse Matthews see to him as soon as he’s cleared. I think we might have some of his information on file from before… I don’t know how valid it is but I’ll see if I can find it for you too.”

At her side her liaison, Eric Cohen, speaks up. “It may be some time before you can draw his blood. I have no idea how long he’s going to spend in screening before staff can see him. We’re already coordinating with Arkham Security but we just can’t take any chances with this guy. You know?”

Eric Cohen Detective. An Orthodox Jewish detective in the GCPD’s Major Crimes, where he is partnered with Andi Kasinsky. Cohen has an unusual, sometimes inappropriate, sense of humor, recently manifested in his birthday gift for Commissioner Gordon – a lamp in the shape of a naked woman. He is not the most beloved member of the Unit, having recently almost reveled in the investigation into Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen that they committed armed robbery under the influence of the Mad Hatter.

Katarina gave a small wave to the stern looking officer before introducing herself quietly to him. She didn’t want to seem grateful for the escort but… boy was she grateful. She smiled at Driver who rewarded her with an impassive look.

Okay… she needed to make sure she didn’t bother him too much. He probably got the short end of the stick, tagging along with an intern.

She continued listening in to the discussions.

Louis debates the benefits of having an officer with him.

On the one hand, you never know who may get the shot that finally puts the clown out of everyone else’s misery.

On the other hand, the file he was holding all but spoke to him. Having a GCPD officer present during these sessions…

No, no he couldn’t afford the risk.

He gives a nod towards Dr. Markov.


“I have business to discuss with Commissioner Gordon now and you have rounds to get to. If any of you have any further questions we can schedule a meeting later.”

As the staff file out of the room James Gordon remains to speak with Warden Sharp. Detective Sarah Essen remains with him, the Warden’s personal liaison.

James Gordon: Commissioner. A man of integrity, the newly promoted Lt. Gordon found that his only ally against the mob controlled Gotham police department was the fledgling Batman, although he was forced to keep their working relationship out of the public eye. After his brother and sister-in-law were killed in a car crash, Gordon became the legal guardian of his niece, Barbara Gordon. Later, in one particularly memorable night of mayhem, The Joker kidnapped Gordon from his home and shot Barbara, making her a paraplegic for life.

Sarah Essen: Detective. Born in Chicago, Sarah Essen endeavored to become a police officer. After achieving the rank of sergeant, she transferred to Gotham City where she became romantically involved with Lt. James Gordon. Sarah knew that James was married with a son on the way, and she soon brought the affair to a close. Unable to work with Jim any longer, she put in a transfer to New York City. Years later, Sarah returned to Gotham and resumed her romance with the now-divorced Commissioner Jim Gordon.

Ruth Adams is accompanied by Crispus Allen.

Crispus Allen: Detective. Crispus Allen is a dedicated cop working in the Gotham City Police Department underneath Commissioner Gordon with Renee Montoya as his partner. His relationship with Gotham City’s vigilante protector Batman is strained at best, and he struggles against the complicated legal nature of the situation.

Charles Cavendish is accompanied by Jim Corrigan.

Jim Corrigan: Detective. Jim Corrigan is a detective working for the Gotham City Police Department, and routinely abuses his position by selling crime scene memorabilia, such as bullets as well as more extravagant items lost by the city’s colorful villains. Although the Internal Affairs division is aware of his activities, they have not interfered.

Penelope Young is accompanied by Mackenzie Bock.

Mackenzie Bock: Detective. Mackenzie Bock earned the nickname “Hardback” due to his insatiable reading habit. He is the head of the organized crime unit of the Gotham City Police Department and is an extremely capable police officer, although somewhat wary of the vigilante heroes like Batman.

Harleen Quinzel is accompanied by Renee Montoya.

Renee Montoya: Detective. Renee Montoya was born and raised in Burnley, just off Van Buren Avenue. She is the eldest child of Hernando and Louisa Montoya, immigrants from the Dominican Republic, and has one brother, Benny. She joined the Gotham City Police Department and graduated at the top of her class. After a short stint in uniform, which included taking down Mister Zsasz by herself, Sarah Essen promoted her to detective. She is partnered with Crispus Allen.

Joan Leland is accompanied by Eric Cohen.

Eric Cohen: Detective. An Orthodox Jewish detective in the GCPD’s Major Crimes, where he is partnered with Andi Kasinsky. Cohen has an unusual, sometimes inappropriate, sense of humor, recently manifested in his birthday gift for Commissioner Gordon – a lamp in the shape of a naked woman. He is not the most beloved member of the Unit, having recently almost reveled in the investigation into Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen that they committed armed robbery under the influence of the Mad Hatter.

Aaron Cash is accompanied by Harvey Bullock.

Harvey Bullock: Detective. Harvey Bullock is a Detective in the Gotham City Police Department working underneath James Gordon. His rough slovenly demeanor and willingness to do what it takes have given him a mean reputation, although he’s one of the few honest cops on the force. Because of his position he often works alongside Batman, although their relationship began as adversarial. This has evolved into a begrudging mutual respect.

Lyle Bolton is accompanied by William Pettit.

William Pettit: SWAT. A Sergeant in the Gotham City Police Department, Pettit led the SWAT team and was always more than happy to go into action, displaying a willingness to storm into situations rather than try any diplomatic solutions. Nonetheless, he was very good at his job and survived several years in a city notorious for its many dangerous costumed criminals.

Katarina Hege Horn is accompanied by Marcus Driver.

Marcus Driver: Detective. Marcus Driver is a detective in Gotham City’s Major Crimes Unit. Driver was initially partnered with Charlie Fields, who was killed by Mister Freeze, and later with Josie Mac. Marcus always does things by the book and has a strong sense of right and wrong. He is an atheist.

Olympe Knight is accompanied by Melody McKenna.

Melody McKenna: Detective. Melody McKenna is a detective in the Gotham City Police Department. Her partner was killed by the villain Mirror and she blamed Batgirl for it because she did nothing to stop Mirror.

Nicole Clayton is accompanied by Tommy Burke.

Tommy Burke: Detective. Tommy is the comedian of the GCPD’s Major Crimes, or so he would like to think, though his attempts at making light of situations may partly be an attempt to cover up how uncomfortable he feels as one of the youngest members of the Unit. He is a ladies man and also has a gambling habit, frequently losing large amounts of money playing poker, which he isn’t really very good at. His detecting partner, Dagmar Procjnow often finds him to be a source of frustration.

Gordon informs everyone that the remaining officers will remain on the grounds in case anyone needs them or to act as floating liaisons for any consultants that may arrive over the next few days.

Josh Azeveda: Detective. Josh Azeveda is a detective in Gotham City’s Major Crimes Unit. He is known for being opinionated, often engaging his fellow officers in lively, usually controversial, debate. His regular partner is Trey Hartley, though he had partnered with Marcus Driver in the past.

Nathan Patton: Detective. A detective in the Gotham City Police Department’s Major Crimes Unit, partner of Romy Chandler. Patton had a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, becoming a cause of friction within the Unit at times.

Romy Chandler: Detective. A detective in the Gotham City Police Department, where she was for a long time partnered with Nate Patton, Romy is romantically involved with another of her colleagues, Marcus Driver.

Just outside of the Warden’s office sits Detective Procjnow. If asked her assignment she explains that she was assigned to the Joker’s protection. As much as the staff needs to be protected from him, he needs to be protected from the friends of families of his victims. It’s not a popular assignment among the GCPD.

Dagmar Procjnow: Officer. An officer in the Gotham City Police Department, Dagmar sometimes finds her relationship with her partner Tommy Burke rather strained, as she disapproves of many of his off-duty activities, particularly his poker-playing. Her son is a violinist with the Gotham Philharmonic Orchestra.


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