The Lost Files of

Sit down children and I’ll tell you a story. A story about a blog long before this one. One that hosted on One that I posted a bit of stuff to.

You see, when I moved hosts I decided to not move this old blog. I planned to do everything on the new site and not have a personal blog any longer. I backed up the database and filed it away.

Eventually the new site didn’t work out and I started the site you’re looking at now. A site of all my own creations. Well, I’ve thought a lot about that old Bear Swarm! blog and I’ve decided to pull the database up and start going through it.

I’ll be posting stuff from the old site over time. As I dig it out of the SQL muck.

Those of you who’ve been with my the last seven years have already seen this stuff. Maybe there are some articles you’d been looking for that I’d taken away. Maybe there were some ideas that I can start building on again.

Time will tell. Time. Will. Tell.

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