Of Old Ones In the Pines

I’ve decided to rename the game I’m working on from ‘Of Old Ones’ to ‘In the Pines’. I’ll also be expanding the scope slightly because of this decision. Before I explain this decision and what it means for my project, let me talk about the history I have with these names.

I’ve been working on a game that’s my take on Lovecraftian role-playing and I dubbed it ‘Of Old Ones’. I have all the basic ideas down and have play-tested the game to help refining things for several months now. Prior to starting work on Of Old Ones I was working on a game I called ‘In the Pines’. In the Pines was all about hunting monsters but when I ran into Mark Diaz Truman and his game Our Last Best Hope I realized he’d made the game I was trying to make. There were differences but Mark’s game accomplished my goals far better than my game had.

Now, I’ve always loved the name ‘In the Pines’. The name comes from an old Appalachian folk song and I’m a huge fan of disturbing American folk music. I settled on the name ‘Of Old Ones’ because I didn’t have anything better. After a conversation at GlitchCon this year I’ve decided to resurrect the name and expand the scope of my game slightly.

I asked myself if it is best to keep my game restricted to only Lovecraft. Could I expand the scope of the game to include horrific things that weren’t wholly in the realm of Lovecraft? After all, ‘In the Pines’, is a superior name and having a slightly broader range could be more appealing to fans of more than just Lovecraft.

I made a post a few days about with the Introduction to my Of Old Ones game but for those who didn’t see it let me explain a bit about what the game is, and how it’s changed now that it’s ‘In the Pines’.

When you sit down to play In the Pines you’ll be taking control of two different characters, an Old One and an Investigator. The Old Ones are creatures that lurk on the edges or reality and inflict their horrible agendas on the realms of mankind. The Investigators are helpless mortals who cross paths with these creatures and uncover the horribly truth of the universe. None of this has changes from the original ‘Of Old Ones’ design.

Really, the only thing that is changing is what the Old Ones are. No longer confined to Lovecraftian limitations of creatures beyond the stars, the Old Ones of In the Pines are any sort of horrible monstrous creature. When creating an Old One for In the Pines you could be inspired by everything from the Devil to Stephen King’s IT. An Old One is anything that sits separate from our world, unable to interact with it directly, but can push its horribly influence into our world.

While the core of the game will remain the same, this slight change in flavor will need some rewriting. Luckily I don’t have a deadline so I can work on this as I see fit. Except I might soon have a publisher breathing down my neck. We’ll see how that conversation goes.

Before I close out this post I want to drop a note to anyone who’s made it this far. I’ll be writing an official request shortly looking for playtesters. I’ll send you a PDF copy of the In the Pines draft and we’ll discuss you running the game for your group. I want people who aren’t me to read the rule and try to play the game. If you’re interested drop me a line either directly at InThePines@RobJustice.net or via the Contact page on this site.


  1. In the Pines, makes me think specifically of “Evil Dead” I love it.

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