New Podcast? Kind of…

Hey everyone. Welcome to my brand spanking new personal website. You’re probably here because you know about my work over the last six years in the wide world of podcasting. I know, less than a month ago I ‘retired’ from the hobby but, as wrestling fans should know, retirement never sticks.

I’m back, but things are different this time around. This site isn’t a new podcast, it just has podcast-like features on it. There isn’t a weekly (bi-weekly or even monthly) show, instead there will be audio content when there is something worth recording.

A big part of this, aside from having a topic I really wanted to talk about, comes from wanting to get more into writing. I have two games I’m working on and hope to get published someday. I’ll need a site to sell PDFs and promote my work from.

After years of trying to build a brand with Bear Swarm! and BS! Radio, I’ve decided to focus on the most important brand I have. Myself. This site is the first step in that direction. It might be pretty barren now, but I plan on bringing content back from the Blog of Justice, old Bear Swarm! episodes, stuff from BS! Radio, along with fresh new written, audio, and maybe even some video content.

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