Month Gone Bye

Eek. It has been almost a month since I posted anything to my site. That’s my bad. I’ve been too focused on other things.

As much as I’d love to tell you I have a ton of great content coming for you… I really don’t. My free time is quickly being eaten by my commitments to 7th Sea. Instead, I’m going to just officially put my site on indefinite hiatus. I’ll throw some news about 7th Sea as it comes up, such as when the Kickstarter launches, but for now I’m going to move my efforts back behind the curtain.

That said, here’s a little taste of some of the work I’ve done. I wrote about twenty Knights of King Elilodd, a heroic legendary King of Avalon. Here are five of them. At least, here’s my pitch for five of them. We’ll see what makes it through the meat grinder of writing a game. This hasn’t even been edited yet. It’s THAT raw. 

The Knights of King Elilodd

When the Sidhe gifted King Elilodd with the Graal, he was in the company of his twenty most loyal soldiers. The magic spread out from the Graal to his people and created the first generation of Glamour Knights. The Sidhe have always claimed that these twenty were not the first Glamoured, but they have become the most famous Avalonians to wield the Sidhe magic.

Dunstan, Outsider

Dunstan is often referred to by Inish or Marcher Knights as proof that not all Knights need to be Avalonian. Hailing from a far away land where the sun never set and the ground was made of fire, Dunstan was dark of skin and hair but no less of a Knight to his brothers.

Frideswide, The Knight of Peace

There is only one story of Frideswide, and yet it is among the most famous of the fables. Frideswide, after many years serving by King Elilodd’s side, returned to the castle and threw her sword down at her Liege’s feet. Instead of dismissing the Knight, King Elilodd gave Frideswide a task unheard of in his kingdom; Only Frideswide could rally the Knights to war. Elilodd could still martial his army but if he wanted the force of the Knights he required Frideswide, the Knight of Peace, to approve.

Pæga, Forgotten

There are no stories of Pæga. No mention of their heroics or their battles. Not even a mention of their gender. The only reason the people of Avalon know the name is because it was carved into a place at Elilodd’s table. Some say that Pæga betrayed Elilodd and was cast out of the Circle. Others think that Pæga was Elilodd’s most loyal spy and chose to be forgotten. Ironically, it’s the fact that their role was lost to history that name will never be forgotten.

Sunngifu, The Generous

When an old man came into town raving mad one day the guards turned him away from the Castle. Sunngifu, overhearing the commotion, went to the man’s aid. When the man asked for her sword and shield to protect his farm, Sunngifu gladly gave them over. When the man begged for Sunngifu’s armor to clad his only daughter for protection, Sunngifu stripped naked. When the guards mocked Sunngifu for her naïvety, the old man turned and smiled. The Wizard had come to see if the tales of Elilodd’s court were true, and Sunngifu secured one of King Elilodd’s most powerful allies that day.

Wilfrith, The Knight of Will

Captured by enemies, Wilfrith was held in prison for fifteen years. No amount of torture or promise of wealth turned her loyalty. When her enemies grew wary of tormenting her they tried to feed her to a monster undescribable. Somehow, Wilfrith returned to King Elilodd’s castle. Half-dead and raving mad, it took less than a moon for her to regain her senses and heal her wounds.

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