Comcast… Confusing, but whatever.

Comcast is the only ISP for my house. I’m not terribly pleased with not having a choice over my internet provider, but it’s the situation I have to deal with. Should my town ever get their act together and accept Google Fiber you can bet your ass I’m switching.

That said, I’ve had Comcast for almost a year now and haven’t had any issues. In fact, I’m still not really having an issue. I simply had to jump through some bizarre hoops and wanted to share my story with the internet. The only reason I started poking around is that my introductory rate ended a couple of months back and I figured I’d see what promotions they were running.

As background, I currently pay $51.99 a month for 20Mbps. Of course, my speeds rarely reach that 20Mbps mark, but that’s ISPs for ya. When I signed up and it was $24.99 a month I was perfectly happy. Now… Less so. Luckily, I saw the deal below.


105Mbps for $61.95/mo? I’ll take that over 20Mbps for $51.99/mo!

$10 more and an 85Mbps increase. Sold! I hit the Add to Cart button and away I go… straight to a live chat. Here’s the transcript, edited to remove my personal information.

user ROBERT has entered room

analyst Dhruv has entered room

Dhruv: Hello ROBERT_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Dhruv. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Dhruv: I see you are interested in adding Comcast services. It’s my pleasure to process your order and answer any questions you may have. How are you doing today?

ROBERT_: I already have Comcast, I was looking into upgrading my internet speed.

Dhruv: Sure, I would help you with that.

Dhruv: Robert, I see that you are interested in our Blast at [Address], is this correct?

ROBERT_: If that’s the 105 Mbps package for 61.95/mo then yes.

Dhruv: Let me check that if the deal you have selected online is of 105mbps speed.

Dhruv: Can you please verify the last four digits of the social security number on your account?

ROBERT_: [Numbers]

Dhruv: Thank you.

Dhruv: .Please allow me a minute or two to pull up your account details.

Dhruv: Robert, I would like to inform you that Blast Internet for $61.95/month is only available to our existing customers who are currently using Cable or phone services with Comcast.

Dhruv: As I can see you are only using the internet service with Comcast, we would not be able to provide you the package you requested.

Dhruv: At Comcast we consistently work towards meeting your expectations therefore, I would find out even a better deal that match your requirements

ROBERT_: .Then you shouldn’t have it listed on your website as an upgrade option.

Dhruv: This is upgrade for the customers having cable or phone, this is mentioned in the detail and restriction tab. however no worries, I am checking for even better deal for you.

Dhruv: Thank you for patiently waiting.

Dhruv: I have a great news for you, I got the same Blast Internet with up to 105 mbps spped at $59.99/mo for you.

ROBERT_: Sounds good.

So… I can’t have the $61.95/mo package without Cable or phone service, but I can have a $59.99/mo package. Ok, whatever. That’s pretty much exactly what I want but for a couple bucks less. Awesome. Sure. It’s a weird process, but I’m getting what I want still.

Dhruv and I go back and forth a bit after that hammering out details. I’ll need a modem upgrade, which I expected, but that’ll only run me $15 and a trip to a Comcast store. The store is even pretty close to my house, so not much of a hassle there.  Then Dhruv comes back with this news:

ROBERT_: Awesome. Thank you.

Dhruv: I have one great news for you! I got some more discount for you, Your package price is only $54.99/mo and your monthly bill will be only $61.99/mo. There will be a one time kit charges for the new modem, that will be $15, which will be added in your current bill.

ROBERT_: Cool. That’s awesome.

Which means the $61.95/mo package I wanted, which I expected to be closer to $65 after, is going to be $61.99/mo. It took me a half hour to end up at the same spot I was in to start with, but with more information about what I’ll need to do for an upgrade.

At the end of the day, I got the package I wanted at a price I find reasonable. We’ll see if the speeds get even remotely close to 105Mbps but since I expect to get about 25% of the speed advertised I’ll be satisfied with a constant 25Mbps… At least until Google Fiber comes to Blue Springs.

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