Building a Group

I’m looking to get an online gaming group going. Which means it’s time to start recruiting. Unfortunately, my schedule is a bit inflexible and I’m only on Sunday nights. Most of my former players are no longer free that night so I’m reaching out and seeing if there are around four interested players.

To that end, I’ve scheduled the first get together for August 31st. You can check out the Google Event and RSVP there. It includes a link to the Hangouts Session and will send out reminders as we draw closer.

Since we’re talking about Hangouts lets talk other technical details for a minute. Since this game is going down over Google Hangouts I’ll be using the Dicestream Hangout App. Dicestream only works over video feeds so you will need access to a computer and webcam to play. I know this might limit some players and I apologize if that means you can’t play. In the past I have had a few players try to join in using various tablets and connection quality has always been disruptive to the game.

The game will run on Sunday nights starting at 5pm CST and ending no later than 10pm CST.  Since I wake up at 4am on Monday mornings, I can’t stay up  late. The 5pm CST is a soft start time, I find the most groups need a little time to warm up before we get going. If this time doesn’t work I apologize again.

I’d also like to use this group as a playtesting circle for the games I’m writing. Since playtesting isn’t always the most rewarding style of gaming I’d like to form the group around a regular game with breaks to playtest. If you’re not willing to try something new on occasion (ideally, no more than once a month) than this might not be the best fit.

Right now I’m very interested in running a Lovecraftian game in a similar style to True Detective. That is to say, a far more subtle and ambiguous exploration of the Mythos than most interruptions. The exact setting is still pretty up in the air but I have a few ideas I could run with. I’m also open to other suggestions/ideas and part of the session on Sunday will be to discuss what we want to play.

Vera Brittonum

System: Chronica Feudalis 
Setting: England, 1150 AD
Pitch: A group of Knights tasked with the tedious chore of collecting taxes come upon a small fishing village that has operated without the King’s knowledge. The investigation into the village, and its strange inhabitants, reveals the darker truths of the world.

True Centurions

System: Centurion: Legionaries of Rome
Setting: Rome, 49 BC – Caesar’s Civil War
Pitch: A touch of Lovecraft in the Roman Republic. A group of Legionaries sent to quell an uprising in Gaul. They find the locals touched with a plague and return to Rome hoping it hasn’t spread, only to find a Temple to a strange new God is gaining popularity.

A Song of Stars and Darkness

System: A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
Setting: Westeros during Robert’s Rebellion
Pitch: A touch of Lovecraft in a Game of Thrones. As the Kingdom is tore apart my civil war the mountains on the far side of the Vale remain untouched. When a family who claims lineage stretches before to First Men appear in the Forest the villagers become restless.

The Black Reaching Out

System: Firefly RPGSetting: Firefly ‘Verse
Pitch: A touch of the Lovecraft in Firefly. A crew, down on their luck, takes a job they wouldn’t normally take and sees the darkness in the endless reaches of space. A cult they thought were Reavers end up being something else, something far more sinister.

More Human

System: Paladin
Setting: Los Angeles, 2030 AD – Blade Runner
Pitch: A touch of Lovecraft in Blade Runner. Ten years after Rick Deckard and Roy Batty’s confrontation the topic of Replicant Rights is still being hotly debated. When a bizarre ritualistic killing hits the papers many blame Replicants, but the truth is far more terrible.

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