Arkham Asylum Returns

This post is mostly directed to the players in my Arkham Asylum Storium game and any fans of that story. However, there are some personal life details included that might be of interest to my readers and friends.

I started Chapter 2, Scene 3 on August 4th. We’re quickly coming up on the two month mark and I’ve decided it’s time to make some movement on this topic. Various factors, which I’ll discuss more in-depth below, have forced me to step away from not only this game but all of my Storium games both played and narrated. Since the time I’ve tried to get an online gaming group rolling but have been unsuccessful in being able to set aside dedicated time. I’ve reached a point where I’m simply not gaming anymore, and that’s a point I’m not happy with. While I’m content to have stepped away from my other Storium games, the Arkham Asylum game was one I have always planned on returning to. Here’s my plan for dealing with this situation, followed by some personal life details as a way of explaining not only where I’ve been but where I’m going.

On Friday, October 3rd 2014 I’ll be ending the current scene in Arkham Asylum. On Saturday, October 4th, I’ll post Chapter 2, Scene 4 which will be the final scene for Chapter 2. Chapter 3 will begin six months after the events of Chapter 2, allowing for some shifting in story, agenda, and character, to accommodate any changes we’ll need to make on continuation of the story. Chapter 2, Scene 4 will be a time-lapse scene covering the six months in brief. A chance for players to broadly explain what their characters have been up to and the progress they have made on their various agendas. This will also give us a chance to drop any character whose players won’t return with us.

I also plan on kicking off the first major storyline of the game. I feel that Chapters 1 and 2 have built the world, established the characters, and set the stage. It’s time for events to shake things up. Don’t expect any more staff meeting scenes or new caseloads for a while. Of course, since the game is cooperative storytelling I can only account for the events I plan on setting in motion, not where the players take them.

I hope to get a roll-call between now and this Friday. I’m going to assume that any players I don’t hear from by the end of the week do not plan on returning to the game. I’ll retire your characters and we’ll handle your fates in the Chapter 2, Scene 4 posts. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind trimming the group down but if all seven of my players return I won’t complain.

Those are my plans for the game and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Now, let me talk about what I’ve dealt with these last couple months and what I’m dealing with soon. I still don’t have a lot of free time and things are still a little up in the air for me, but I’m sure I can find a couple of hours to keep up with Storium.

Lets talk about my work situation. I’ve put in 50 hour work weeks, add in 10 hours a week for my drive time, and the 5 hours of lunch I’m required to take it starts looking more like a 65 hours of work a week. This has been my life for the last several months and it’s really worn me down. This week that all ended and after taking a couple of days to how I’m adjusting to a normal 40 hour week things are already starting to feel better. Except, that might all be changing.

I work on contract and at the end of October my contract with my current employer is up. It sound’s like they won’t renew my deal or converting me to a full-time employee so I’m back to hunting for a new job. Ideally I’ll pick up another contract and be able to keep working with little interruption. While I don’t know what my schedule is going to look like next month, I can’t imagine I’ll be starting out with 10 hour days. Basically, work has calmed down but is far from stable.

On May 19th this last year I got married. While my life hasn’t changed much in that regard, my wife and I have lived together since last October, it does explain why I’ve shifted my free time to focus on spending time with my wife and seven-year old step-daughter. Family has always been important to me and it wasn’t until earlier this year that Family became more than myself, my parents, and my siblings. I now have a family of my own.

To add to the family equation, my wife is pregnant. We actually go in for the first ultrasound this afternoon. This will be the first time I’ve had to deal with a baby full-time and I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting into. The baby isn’t due until March, so I have plenty of time to figure this stuff out, but my focus lately has taken care of a pregnant wife and will soon include taking care of a baby.

On the hobby side of my life I haven’t been doing much gaming. Last year I moved to Kansas City, MO and haven’t established a regular in-person gaming group. I ran games online for a few months, dove head first into Storium when I first discovered it, and had one horrible experience with a in-person game but other than that my gaming life has been pretty barren. Last month I tried to get another online gaming rolling but just wasn’t able to keep my commitment. I hope that I can find a few hours a week to keep a single Storium game alive. One of the things that killed me before was the amount of games I was juggling at once. Now, my hope is to dedicate a few hours over the course of the week to a single Storium game.

There are a handful of things that could change where I’m at, but I think the commitment to a single Storium game is one that I’m flexible enough with to keep up. Hopefully I haven’t burned any bridges over the last few months as I’ve tried to adjust to various changes in my life and I hope some of you stick with me during the enviable transitions coming in my life.

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