7th Sea: Second Edition wraps!

That’s it folks. The 7th Sea: Second Edition Kickstarter is closed. It’s been an amazing experience for everyone involved and everyone is so incredibly grateful.

So, if you managed to get in before it was all over you’ve got a TON of stuff to look forward to. After the break I’m going to recap all the stretch goals and milestones we hit and talk a bit about what I know.

$30,000 Initial Goal: We hit this is seven minutes. There wasn’t ever a doubt we wouldn’t fun, but to blow past this in the time it takes me to get a tank of gas was unbelievable.

$286,290 First Day: That’s not the first 24 hour period, that’s from launch until midnight. Before we launched the $100k-$200k range was what we thought we’d make for the entire duration of the Kickstarter. To blow past that in less than 24 hours was such an unexpected treat.

$684,756 Record Breaking Milestone: That’s was the number that made us the top grossing table-top role-playing game on Kickstarter, stealing the crown from Exalted: 3rd Edition.

$1,316,813 Total: I’ve said it before. None of us expected more than $250k before we launched. To add an extra million dollars to our projection is simply amazing. Outside of the role-playing game category we grossed more than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past Board Game, Zombicide, and The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game. When we scale that back to just the games category we out preformed video games like Massive Chalice, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Pathfinder Online: A Fantasy Sandbox MMO, and Friday the 13th: The Game.

11,483 Backers: While $1,316,813 is a lot of money, what’s more important to us is the number of backers we attracted. The fact that we blew past Fate Core’s 10,103 backers was a shock to us all. Then knowing we more than doubled Exalted’s 4,368 backers and Numenera’s 4,658 backers, not to mention blowing away Delta Green’s 2,533 backers proved we had so much more support than we ever expected.

First Nine Stretch Goals: We cleared nine of out stretch goals in the first day. Personally, there were a few I was more excited about than others. The novels and Storium world fall a little flat for me but knowing we’d get a chance to flesh out all of the Thean Nations so early was a real joy. The map of Theah is another big treat. I’d got to see the stellar work Mark Richardson had put in and knowing we’d get to share it was a great feeling.

  1. $40k: Storium World
  2. $70k: Daughter of Fate Novel
  3. $100k: The Pirate Nations Sourcebook
  4. $125k: GM Screen
  5. $150k: Nations of Theah, Vol. 1 Sourcebook
  6. $175k: Theah Map
  7. $200k: Nations of Theah, Vol. 2 Sourcebook
  8. $240k: Born Under the Black Flag Novel
  9. $270k: Deck of Villains

Nine More Stretch Goals: In that first week we unlocked nine more stretch goals. John talked about the Cities of Adventure idea pretty early on and knowing we’d be able to explore Freiburg again, dive into the depth of the Vaticine City, and finally set foot in Iskandar is awesome. Then there was the joy of knowing the Crescent Empire would not only be fleshed out but get an amazing map. Of course, the one I was the most elated to hear about with the soundtrack. Getting to hear the first rough cut of a song written for our game was mind-blowing.

  1. $300k: Deck of Heroes
  2. $340k: Heroes & Villans Sourcebook
  3. $360k: Iskandar City of Adventure
  4. $400k: The Crescent Empire Sourcebook
  5. $435k: The Crescent Empire Map
  6. $470k: The Gossamer Empire Novel
  7. $500k: Songs of 7th Sea
  8. $535k: Vaticine City City of Adventure
  9. $570k: Freiburg City of Adventure

Thirty-Three Stretch Goals: As we closed we cleared 33 goals. Even more cities of Adventure. An entire book dedicated to Ifri AND Wabanahkik with some real experts writing for us. Maps galore, including one for The New World which felt like such a long time coming to me. And finally getting to show that big surprise about Secret Societies, something we’d been asked about since day one. Really, what more could a guy ask for? Oh, how about an upcoming board game? OH AND A FREAKING MOVIE TRAILER!

  1. $600k: Djen City of Adventure
  2. $630k: Ifri Map
  3. $665k: Lands of Gold and Fire Sourcebook
  4. $684,756: Free Basic Rules
  5. $715k: The New World Map
  6. $745k: Fire Bay at Bosial City of Adventure
  7. $780k: Quamountaine City of Adventure
  8. $805k: Cities of Faith Sourcebook
  9. $830k: Cities of Wonder Sourcebook
  10. $865k: Wabanahkik/Acadia Map
  11. $900k: The Colonies Sourcebook
  12. $950k: Terra World Map
  13. $1mm: Secret Societies Sourcebook
  14. $1.1mm: The War of the Cross
  15. 1.25mm: 7th Sea Cinematic Trailer

What We Missed: We only missed one Stretch Goal, the $1.35mm Explorer’s Society on DTRPG. While that was a lofty goal to begin with it doesn’t mean we’re not still working towards it. The future of 7th Sea is bright and none of it would be possible without each and every one of you.

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