7th Sea: Second Edition is #1!

Last night 7th Sea: Second Edition broke the barrier and became the highest pledged table-top RPG kickstarter ever. It’s really amazing to be part of the team that’s breaking records. Thank you to each and every one of our 6,000+ backers for making this dream a reality!

Except that’s not the only 7th Sea news I have for everyone. Check out all the wonderful links below and check out this boat load of 7th Sea news!

Mike and I did our first ever interview about 7th Sea. Head over to Talking Tabletop and grab episode 25. We had a great chat with Jim McClure and while it was really weird for us to be on the other end of that process, Jim was an incredible host. A lot better than I ever was when I did interviews.

The second, and bigger, news is that the Quick Start has been updated… And that’s an understatement. The Quick Start has been significantly redone. A bunch of new rules, a handful of slight changes, and a ton of feedback addressed. If you’re backing the project check out the latest post for more details.

Now to throw a little self-promotion on to my own site. If you missed it I talked about my feelings on 7th Sea in the latest Commute podcast. I know, it’s been like four months since I did one but I have a good reason. I just want to talk 7th Sea and until recently, I couldn’t!

If you missed it, a couple weeks ago John, Mike, and I sat down and recorded a podcast about 7th Sea. It went out to the old Bear Swarm! and BS! Radio feeds but you can check it out on RobJustice.net too.

Oh, and lastly, that header image up there (not Ron Paul) is from the cover of 7th Sea: Ifri! The latest continent unlocked by the kickstarter. There are already going to be so many new places for your Heroes to explore it’s absurd… and we have plans for even more!

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