A Song of Ice and Fire

Almost a year ago now I started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Currently I’m around 200 pages from completing the third book, A Storm of Swords. While I know I still have another massive tome to go before I’m caught up I wanted to write some commentary after the events of last night’s reading. For anyone who hasn’t read them yet I’ll be sure to clearly label where the spoiler section begins. Don’t expect much out of this. Just a few random thoughts.

NPC Creation

I got an e-mail from a listener (Neal Dalton, to be specific) about BS! Episode 112 and my comments on how I make NPCs. Well, who am I not to give our listeners what they request? After the break you can read my method of turning NPC creation over to your players.

True Effect

Sunday’s gathering turned out fruitful. The final decision was to run a game set in the Mass Effect universe, but let’s discuss how we all got there.