Imperial Beishinju

Imperial Beishinju “Wash Away The Rain” A small nation of rivers and lakes, Imperial Beishinju sits at the heart of Eocene. The Beishinjunese are known as the wisest, most honest and pure of the nationalities. In the center of each capital city sits a massive library, each owned by one of the ruling families. Their vast knowledge often leads them […]

The Adiraz Empire

The Adiraz Empire “Work Is What You Are” Hidden away in the D’romiy Mountains of Eocene sits the Adiraz Empire. It’s inhabitants, known as Adirazians, are known for their work ethic, fortitude, and integrity. Their industrial attitude has led to many of the scientific breakthroughs that Eocene enjoys. This dedication to working can sometimes manifest in a pursuit of material possessions over all […]


Once, in time immemorial, the lands of Eocene belonged to the nomads. Warlords commanded armies that marched across its face, familial clans followed herds of animals thought the seasons, and bands of merchants, entertainers, and con artists plied their trade between the tribes. Then came the Forging, when a group of power-hungry madmen attempted to bind immortal creatures to mortal weapons.