Cortex Prime

Cortex Prime is happening folks! I (might be) part of it! If the Kickstarter hits $75,000 then you’ll get to see my little contribute to the world of Cortex Prime.

7 Days to 7th Sea!

Yesterday, the countdown to the 7th Sea: Second Edition Kickstarter began!

7th Sea Misconceptions

Last week I started visiting various 7th Sea fan sites, forums, subreddits, and forums. I signed up and started chatting with fans, doing my best to start engaging with the community and hearing some of their hopes and dreams. Hopefully, I’ve been very clear that I’m just an Assistant Developer and I’m not making any promises. Still, I’ve been baffled by the amount of conjecture and misinformation out there.

Month Gone Bye

Eek. It has been almost a month since I posted anything to my own site. That’s my bad. I’ve been too focused on other things.

Dregs of the Spin

You might be following the ongoing saga that is John’s attempts to design a game called Galaxy XXX. I know I am. I wasn’t very interested in the game until John mentioned something, almost off-highhandedly, to me.