7th Sea Misconceptions

Last week I started visiting various 7th Sea fan sites, forums, subreddits, and forums. I signed up and started chatting with fans, doing my best to start engaging with the community and hearing some of their hopes and dreams. Hopefully, I’ve been very clear that I’m just an Assistant Developer and I’m not making any promises. Still, I’ve been baffled by the amount of conjecture and misinformation out there.

Welcome to the Year of 7th Sea!

A couple weeks back the first official 7th Sea newsletter came out. I’m sure you’ve all already seen this but in case you haven’t signed up at www.SailThe7thSea.com here’s what you’re missing out on!

Shotgun Diaries using Zombie Dice

Am I the only one who noticed that the green dice have one shotgun blast on them and thought, “That’s a natural 6 on a d6, the same mechanic that one requires for success in Shotgun Diaries”?