Storium: Vnezakona

I’m trying to get a Storium game off the ground. I haven’t had much luck recruiting so I’m throwing up a post here in hopes of catching a couple more eyes. The basic idea is a 7th Sea game set in a northern Ussuran logging/shipping town that’s undergoing a population boom. Think 7th Sea meets Deadwood. Checkout […]

Selene Gallio

The Dark Priestess of Nova Roma. One of the last of the immortal External mutants. And magical acquaintance of Mahmoud Atef.

Honor & Darkness

This was something I wrote about a year ago. It’s unfinished and was never playtested. I still think its a neat idea and I had some interesting thoughts in here. I might pick it up again some day, unlikely but maybe. Author’s Note: I wanted to run a game about medieval monster hunters and while there […]