Baron Zemo

The Elder Zemo had been living peacefully in Brazil until Andrew Bangs killed him. He claimed to be plotting an attack on the United States to kill Captain America but there may have been more at play then there seemed…

Kraven the Hunter

Dead before he even got started, Kraven was introduced in the opening of the second episode and promptly died. The only reason his information got recorded was so I could fake out the players.

Dr. Niles Caulder

Dr. Caulder showed up also in the fifth episode, though the characters heard about him much earlier. He was going to be a pretty significant character for the players, but with the recent turn of events that’s looking less likely.

“The Batman”

First off, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Bruce Wayne isn’t the current Batman on Earth 592. Instead, Batman is a mantle that has passed through a few hands.

Killer Croc

Croc showed up also in the second episode. While he’s not a regular feature of the game he gets mentioned more often than I expected.

Clinton Barton

Clinton Barton came into the game in the second episode. He’s always one of my favorites to introduce and demonstrates that, sometimes, I stick to comic lore a bit.


Floyd Lawton is another staple of Suicide Squad lore. My version is pretty different than the one you may be used to. Take a look.