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Danger Close is a little game I wrote back in 2010 as an expansion of John Wick’s Wilderness of Mirrors. I had it available on my old personal website for a time, but lost track of it when I closed that site down. I’ve since unearthed the old PDFs and decided to re-host them here. Since I have a shopping cart I’m gearing up to use for selling future games I thought this would be the perfect test product for the system.

From the Introduction

Danger Close started as a small conversion for another game. My group agreed that it was interesting but lacked the depth our spy games needed. We had looked to other games and found that they all lacked something. I decided to make my own game. Instead of starting from scratch I decided to stand on the shoulders of giants. I used the basic template provided by other games and moved forward. Way forward. The core system is based around a standard concept and while there are other features from various games they all look a little different. There are even some new systems that I dreamed up. Everything rebuilt around a unique way the Game Master (Known from here out as Operations) runs the game. What remains only has a shadow made from other games. You do not need to know any other game to play Danger Close.

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