Dungeons, Dragons, and Daughter

When my wife asked me to teach my seven year old step-daughter how to play Dungeons and Dragons I knew that I couldn’t plop down a Player’s Handbook in front of her. Here’s what I did.

Gotham Gaming

I have ran my fair share of Batman games and today I want to discuss a few ideas I have had for the setting.

Building a Group

I will be hosting a game via Google Hangouts on August 31st at 5pm. Details inside.

Twitter Name Change

I changed my twitter handle! Please alert me if you see the old one somewhere.

Dream of Will Richards

No one will tell me where my Isabella has gone. They say she was only a dream. But sometimes I hear her whisper. I know she’s not only a dream. I know she is real. I know that have to find her again. If I don’t… I may very well go mad. When the Great […]

Diversity in Design: Sex Ratio

There has been discussion in the gaming community about diversity in games. When planning In the Pines I want to know how I should handle it. I start with an “easy” one; sex ratio.

Lyrical Research

The title of In the Pines comes from an American folk song. I did some research into the numerous variations of the song.

Shame and Anger

Am I ashamed of being associated with “bad” nerds… or am I ashamed because I can be just as horrible as the nerds that disgust me?