Role-Playing as Conversation

I believe that at its most basic level a role-playing game is a conversation between everyone participating in the game. I think it’s the conversation between participants that really sets a Role-Playing Game apart from any other experience.

The Wallers

Amanda Waller is a staple of Suicide Squad lore. Lets look at her role in my game, and the role of her Granddaughter.

Talking about In the Pines

I have done my first ever interview! Well… I’ve done interviews but this is the first time I’ve ever been interviewed. And it’s about In the Pines!

Issue #1: Secret Origins

This is GM Only, a look into the notes I write for the games I run. This post contains all of my notes for my first session of the Suicide Squad game I’ve been running on Google Hangouts.

The Authority

There as been some confusion as to who The Authority is within Earth-592. In hoping to clear up the confusion I’ve put together a piece on the rise and fall of Earth-592’s Authority.

The Prison System

While this might seem like an odd thing to detail, it was background for the Suicide Squad game that I felt important. Here are the six major holding facilities for super-powered criminals in the United States.

S.H.I.E.L.D. and H.A.M.M.E.R.

This is about the lightest post when it comes to actual information, but the hierarchy of the various government agencies is what’s really important in my Suicide Squad game. I’m going to format this as best I can but it might get a bit confusing.

The Big Two

One of the key elements in Earth-592 is the DC\Justice League & Marvel\Avengers analogs. Basically, in-universe there are two major superhero teams that almost every hero on Earth (and some off world) claim allegiance to. The Justice League represents the majority of the DC characters while the Avengers stand in for Marvel characters. Today we’re going to take a look at the big two groups of heroes.

A History of Detroit

The impetus to create Earth-592 came when some local friends expressed an interest in a game. Having already devoted some time and energy into crafting a background world for the Suicide Squad I decided to use the same setting and just expand the world a bit. I opted to set this new game in Detroit and set about fleshing out the city a bit.