The Arkham Files: 000 – Introduction
The Arkham Files: 000 - Introduction

MusicInfamous Butcher from Manimals by Amigo The Devil


What do we really know about the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane? Most residents of our gloomy metropolis have chosen to turn away and pretend that the Hospital is a bastion of salvation. This perception is far from the truth. In my research I have found that Arkham Asylum is less focused on the medical fields but instead acts as a kind of psychological research prison. For the last several months I’ve been “gaining access” to numerous case files from Arkham Asylum. Cross Referencing them with microfiche copies of the Gotham Gazette, old broadcast tapes from the GBC, and in-person interviews. It is my sincere hope that by disseminating my findings I can turn the tide of blind ignorance that infects our minds. That I can inspire the residents of Gotham City to rise up, united, and decry the madhouse in our midst.

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