Issue #8: Dead Ernest
Issue #8: Dead Ernest

“What do you know of justice? Behind bars or beyond them, these people never change.” – Lady Shiva

With E.C.H.I.D.N.A. in hand the team as decided to relocate to Madrid and setup operations for the League. However, before they can start their new job they will need to make a stop in Boston to deal with Andy’s daughter.

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  1. Thomas Bagley

    FINALY caught up with my podcasting, this was an awesome ending (?) to a wonderful campaign. Easily the best actual play series I have ever heard. Restored my faith in the Actual Play medium. Well done gents!

    P.S Mikes “do you like apples” call had me laughing hard enough to get strange looks.

    P.P.S (doing my part for Australian word pronunciation… like it matters) It’s pronounced “EEM – YOU” not “EE – Moo”. I’m sure Australians get a million American words wrong but, there you go.

    Looking forward to the next Actual play series (assuming this one is actually over) any thoughts on what the next one will be?

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