Issue #3: Carry on for Us
Issue #3: Carry on for Us

“Get out of the Squad before it poisons you.” – Rick Flag Jr.

After taking out Baron Zemo, returning the Amazons to the control of Selene, and coming to an agreement with Deadshot, the Squad packs up and prepares to trek through the jungles. With a two-day trip ahead they have plenty of time to get to know each other, and learn a bit about the Suicide Squad from Deadshot.
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  1. Thomas Bagley

    This series keeps getting better and better. The dynamic between the PC’s is truly exceptional, everyone fills their fictional roles exceptionally. The details of the setting background is probably the most artfully integrated DC/Marvel crossover that I’ve seen (and a damn site better than they have ever put forward in the comics). Top marks to all. And special

    1: John: Is the first “baddass killer” archetype I have seen role-played with enough depth, heart and sort of “game weary fatigue” that makes me give a shit about him as a character. He evokes some of the best highly-competent but “over it” espionage characters I LOVE from spy fiction. Like a younger (but no less world weary George Smiley).

    2: Mike: Despite their personalities being almost entirely different, reminds me of the best elements I love from Dresden. His character is arguably the most powerful, but hates to throw it around and always seems “in over his head” despite also (of course) having a high level of competence. I truly think if his character ever “snaps” it will be a fun time for all. Maybe not in the Kamoomb!! way but potent none the less.

    3: Eye-close: (sorry if spelled incorrectly) Is truly my favorite so far, the comic relief (but not overly done or obnoxious comic relief) his depth and history is fascinating also, basically I lean in whenever he opens his mouth. The internal conflict opportunities presented with this character (due in part to Johns awesome idea to obtain the override codes and him being a good player and LIKING the idea) really make me intrigued to see where it goes.

    The character dynamic and conflict between the various PC’s and NPC’s and social conflict seemingly taking centre stage is really playing to the strength of the audio medium. Was there ever a thought to integrating Smallville like relationship rules or elements because of this? Or did you expect the game to be more procedural/action/adventure and the great character stuff is a happy accident?

    Anyhoo my internet fellating is reaching it’s legal limit, but I’ll finish with saying If more “actual plays” focused on character conflict and interaction, rather than rolling dice behind the screen with no context or narration given for the benefit of the listening audience, while emphatically exclaiming that their dwarf was in fact 5 feet closer to the orc they were attacking with their ax then I feel this potentially wonderful nerdy entertainment medium would really benefit overall. Thanks agains and keep up the great work all!! 🙂

    • Eye-close is close enough but if you’re curious it’s spelled “Eichlos”. Also, that pun was intended.

      Anyway, thanks for the praise. I’m hoping episode 4 (which we’re playing tonight if all goes as planned) will be the most character focused episode yet. I have some notes but really plan on turning the game over to the players.

      I’m very humbled by your praise of my setting crossover. I feel like historically in comics crossovers were either a combination of characters (like the amalgam universe) or a big fight sequence (like JLA/Avengers). I wanted a seamless integration. A world where all these characters live side-by-side, and have done so for almost eighty years. I’m glad you enjoy it.

      I’ve ran Smallville and Marvel Heroic on Google Hangouts in the past. One of the hiccups with Smallville was doing the Pathways online became a headache, but other than that it was a solid experience. Marvel Heroic felt too combat focused for my tastes and there just aren’t enough mechanics to bring out a more character driven game, in my opinion. I opted to try Leverage because it was something I hadn’t done before. I felt the team-based setup would fit a Suicide Squad game very well and while it does some things I really enjoy there are a few strange gaps in it.

      The game being character driven was always intentional. I didn’t pick these guys to play because I knew they would play along with my procedural plot. My games are always character focused with the plot bounding along in the background to keep the world moving.

  2. Thomas Bagley

    Yeah Smallville can be a headache (especially pathways) now that I recall and it the elements of Cortex+ aren’t so easy to integrate with other either now that I think of it. And yes Marvel is fun but veeeeeryy fiddly and not suited to espionage or “skills” and it has a very STRONG focus on the bombastic battles, good call.

    I’ve always said the players make the game/group. Look forward to the next episode 🙂

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