Issue #2: Baptism of Fire
Issue #2: Baptism of Fire

“ I just need something to believe in. Or maybe someone who believes in me. ” – Clint Barton

Recruited by Amanda Waller for the newly reformed Task Force X, or Suicide Squad, a half-dozen of society’s worst are deployed to South America to track down and eliminate the notorious Deadshot, who’s plotting the assassination of Brazil’s President.

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  1. Damn this is awesome. One of the best actual plays I’ve ever heard (most are pretty terrible) let me know if you need an Australian to play captain boomerang 🙂

    • Thanks! I was very hesitant to post these recordings, since I loath actual plays, but after being asked about them a couple times and having my wife insist I do it… Well, here we are.

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed them. 😀

  2. Thomas Bagley

    Your wife is full of wisdom, I understand your initial hesitation however. The issue I have LONG struggled with is that I love the IDEA of actual plays…..But really. really….They mostly suck.

    “The One Shot Podcast” is great (if you havent heard thier “Flight of The Robins” actual play session I reccomend it to any DC/Gotham fan.)

    Yours is now the second I have really ever found that is worth listening to (being a DC and John Wick fan helps of course;) )

    Know that you have a least one group of Australian gamers that will continue to listen for as long as you put them out! Keep up the great work mate. 🙂

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