Waste Land Bazaar Website is Live


After a bit of work and a good amount of thinking, I’ve finally kicked off the website to manage the Waste Land Bazaar with. It actually went live a couple of weeks back, but I was still tinkering. I gave myself until the end of the month to complete the site and here we are.

One of the challenges I knew I’d have to tackle was keeping a player database of some sort. Wanting to expand this game into a yearly event I need a place to note all the players, their characters, which communities they belonged to, and help manage the changing landscape. While this is totally overkill for now, I saw an opportunity to lay the groundwork for something bigger.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m most comfortable with WordPress and for years now I’ve been looking for an excuse to play with BuddyPress, a plugin that turns WordPress into a social network.  I saw WLB as that opportunity and I seized it. The down side is that it’s yet another hoop for people to jump through to play the game. Not only do you have to register for the con and sign up for the game (though that might be optional…) now you have to sign up for this third site. Hopefully, doing on-site registrations can take some of the burden off the players.

The plan is to have a laptop at the LARP and simply encourage the players, in their downtime, to sign up for the site if interested in the year-to-year aspect of the game. Alternatively, I’ll be offering to take down vital information and create accounts for people. With any luck I can nurture this into a small community. The goal has been to grow something, and I’d rather the tools I need early than scramble to get things into place later.

Now, if you’re interest in the game you can pre-register for the site. Most of the information is optional at this point, since joining communities and  picking character bits are handled at the beginning of the LARP. But this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. You can even offer suggestions and input though a few forms found throughout the site.

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