“Welcome to Gotham City, home to 19.5 million of the worst people to ever walk the Earth. Now pay attention, I have numbers for you and I want you to think about them before you pick up your badge. Last year alone there were over twenty thousand murders. Over six thousand reported rape cases but we know most of those go unreported. We handled almost three-hundred thousand assaults, well over a million reports of stolen property, and over a million cases of property damage. In total the Gotham City Police department processed almost three million cases. Our close rate? Twelve percent. Two and a half million cases went unsolved last year. With that in mind you’ll excuse me if I don’t make long-winded speeches. Pick up your damn badge and get to work.”

– Commissioner Loeb’s speech to all new recruits on their first day with the GCPD.

This place is like somebody’s memory of a town, and the memory is fading.

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