The MSV Chambers (registry RW526651633), named after American artist and fiction writer Robert W. Chambers, is a privately owned Carrier under the command of Captain Zhang Li, his first officer Luke Defontenay, and the acting board of directors. Built off-world, the Chambers is not rated for suborbital descent. It is one of three Carrier-Class starships in the independent market and the only one with a permanent contract with Castaigne-Academi.

The Chambers was one of Humanity’s first Carrier ships. Commissioned in 2125, twenty-three years before Humanity’s discovery of Mass Effect Physics, but decommissioned in 2150 after being deemed too expensive to retrofit. With the newly formed Systems Alliance deploying of a fleet of Mass Effect capable ships older ships like the Chambers became obsolete. The Chambers hung in orbit around Jupiter for five years before a group of entrepreneurs purchased the vessel and began renovations.

The purchasers, known as the Founders, were a group of 100 men and women who would go on to become the Chamber’s crew. They began retrofitting the ship and have, to date, replaced 67% of it’s systems over the last two years. The cost of the Mass Effect propulsion drive, the first upgrade, nearly bankrupted the team and to continue financing the upgrades the Founders signed a long-term contract with Castaigne-Academi, making it the only Carrier-Class starship on C-A’s payroll.

The Chambers can currently house approximately 3,000 inhabitants comfortably, 5,000 in cramped conditions, and upgrade plans to hold nearly 10,000 inhabitants in it’s final design. However, the ship is currently running with a mere skeleton crew, leaving large sections sealed and unexplored. Along with the 100 Founders, the crew consists of 25 contractors working on renovations and repairs and 15 families who have become early adopters of the City Among the Stars dream. Bringing the total crew on-board the ship to 162 people.

The City Among the Stars

The eventual goal of the Chambers comes from one man, Nemo Troelsen. A Danish born designer and architect who brought together the Founders and has proposed the destiny for the Chambers. Troelsen’s vision is for Humanity’s first mobile interstellar colony. Having the vision but lacking the funds, Troelsen brought together the Founders and sold them on his vision for the future.

While the exact reason why each of the Founders signed on with Troelsen varies there is a common belief that eventually the Chambers will emancipate itself and leave the Systems Alliance.

The Crew

Captain Zhang Li

Casting: Jet Li
Station: Commanding Officer
Founder ID: #6

  • Captain Li is a former Alliance officer who gave up his career to throw in with the MSV Chambers Founders for the fame of commanding Humanity’s first mobile colony.
  • Li has earned a reputation as a hard ass, but is fiercely loyal to his crew.
  • Despite commanding FTL ships for years, Li is a self-admitted technophobe and remains skittish when it comes to making jumps.

Lucas “Luke” Defontenay

Casting: Christopher Lambert
Station: Executive Officer
Founder ID: #4

  • Luke was a respected plastic surgeon who he threw in with the Alliance shortly after their founding. After retirement he became a Founder of the MSV Chambers with the promise of unhindered research in the future.
  • Being raised as a Luna colonist, Luke has never set foot on Earth despite his strong French heritage.
  • Regarded as one of the hardest working doctors in the system, known for putting in 18-20 hours days, there are rumors that Luke sends his earnings back to his family on Luna.

Camilla “Cam” Wells

Casting: Zoe Saldana
Station: Chief Navigator
Founder ID: #34

  • While the topic came up more often while stationed on the SSV Wells, author HG Wells is a distant relative to Cam. A relation that she holds a resigned apathy about.
  • Cam maintains an immaculately clean station filled with personal knick-kancks and souvenirs from every station, colony, or posting she’s visited. Unofficially diagnosed with OCD.
  • Cam signed on with the Chambers for the chance to travel the universe and see more planets than any other living person.

Willis “Will” Blackthorn

Casting: Donald Glover
Station: Chief Engineer
Founder ID: #60

  • An amateur botanist, Will maintains a small secret orchard in an unused bulkhead near engineering.
  • Will was born on Earth but made his escape to the stars at 14. He’s always dreamed about space and when the chance to leave Earth’s orbit and become a Founder of the MSV Chambers he convinced his friend Omar Bradley to fund their place on-board.
  • He is an Incredibly well read young man who maintains an extensive paper library. Will is often found with one of his collection in hand.

Omar Bradley

Casting: Aziz Ansari
Station: Chief Helmsman
Founder ID: #61

  • Omar was receiving some of the highest marks in his Universities history before a campus wide scandal cause his expulsion.
  • While Omar is known to have an unflinching sense of right and wrong he hasn’t always demonstrated his perceptions.
  • After being recently exposed as a degenerate gambler, having ran several illegal gambling rings in college, Omar used his money to buy his way into theMSV Chambers project for himself and his friend Will Blackthorn.

Johanna “Jo” Palmer

Casting: Michelle Rodriguez
Station: Armory Chief\Chief Requisitions Officer
Founder ID: #49

  • Jo is a strict vegetarian. Her dietary style started out of necessity, an underwater posting that didn’t allow for much more than kelp. She has since adopted the lifestyle and has not touched meat in twelve years.
  • Coming out of the closet after high school, Jo’s sexual orientation is also one of the reasons she signed on with the Chambers, to stay with her girlfriend, Klara Linden.
  • Jo is extremely foul-Mouthed and rarely goes a sentence without an expletive.

Richard “Rick” Brimley

Casting: Nick Offerman
Station: Mess Sergeant
Founder ID: #92

  • Rick is a twelfth generation short order cook, having followed in his father’s footsteps working at the family restaurant in upstate New York.
  • After his divorce, Rick wanted nothing more than to get out of Albany and impulsively signed on with the Founders of the MCV Chambers.
  • A stern man, Rick isn’t one known for his smile or charm. He is, however, known for his fantastic greasy-spoon style cooking.

Clark MacReady

Casting: Kurt Russell
Station: Shuttle Pilot
Founder ID: #98

  • With certifications to operate over 12 thousand different craft, Clark was the most experienced commercial pilot in Alliance space.
  • A string of failed marriages left Clark nearly destitute and more than willing to sign on with the Chambers. Unfortunately his three ex-wifes, fearing Clark’s abandonment of his alimony, signed on with him.
  • Clark has since become a degenerate alcoholic and womanizer, a shadow of his former successful and skilled self.

Henry “Hank” Nichols

Casting: John Layfield
Station: Communications Specialist
Founder ID: #76

  • Hank grew up on Titan, his father was one of the founding members of Castaigne-Academi. As such, despite his thick southern drawn, Hank has never set foot on Earth.
  • Because of his family’s reputation, many see Hank as big talker. Also because of his family’s reputation he’s never been in a fight or had his talk tested.
  • In an effort to establish himself as his own man, Hank signed on with the Chambers. He’s less than thrilled about working with C-A, but was also instrumental in negotiating the current long-term contract.

Nemo Troelsen

Casting: J.K. Simmons
Station: Starship Architect
Founder ID: #1

  • Was the man who uncovered the MSV Chambers and suggested the City Among the Stars idea to the purchase of the ship.
  • Worked as a consultant with the Alliance since it’s founding and is responsible for most of the modern ship designs.
  • Sees the Chambers as a potential paradise of freedom and prosperity, a place where people can live free of regulation and oppression.

Klara Linden

Casting: Aubrey Plaza
Station: Psychotherapist
Founder ID: #43

  • After finally graduating from medical school last fall, Klara has been struggling to find employment. When the opportunity to join the Founders of the MSVChambers came along she jumped at the chance to work on a ship.
  • Klara knows how much she owes her girlfriend Johanna Palmer. Johanna stood by her while Klara struggled in school and helped pay for her tuition.
  • Young and eager to prove herself, Klara is also fairly jaded by everything she’s learned. To her, life has been nothing but a struggle with her girlfriend being the old bright spot.


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