The Prison System

While this might seem like an odd thing to detail, it was background for the Suicide Squad game that I felt important. Here are the six major holding facilities for super-powered criminals in the United States. We’ll talk about the seventh in the next post. Oh, I’ve also cut in some info about the prisons I presented in the opening of Episode 1: Secret Origins. Like always, There isn’t going to be anything posted below that you can’t find on

“This is what happens when you make one mistake. There’s no forgiveness.”
– Plutonian

Across the United States there are five popular holding facilities for super-powered individuals. Depending on the criminal’s needs and abilities these are the likely points of incarceration for them.

Alcatraz Island

Location: San Francisco, California

Alcatraz was a mundane Californian island prison that was operational in 1859-1963. It held metahuman criminals in special section in the 1940s; the designation “the Alcatraz Annex” has been used in to distinguish it from Alcatraz in general. In 2008 the prison was reopened as a detention center for the growing mutant population.

Located in the San Francisco Bay, one and a half miles from the city, Alcatraz was re-purposed in 2008 to help contain the growing mutant and metahuman criminal population as part of the new H.A.M.M.E.R. agency. The island is home to the Omega Machine, a device designed to siphon off a mutant and metahuman energy to normalize their powers and then transfer that energy to the San Francisco power grid.

The Big House and Code Zoo

Location: Mobile

The Big House is a really small prison designed by Hank Pym that uses Pym particles to shrink villains and keep them there. Due to government concerns about shrinking organic matter the Big House is only used to store non-organic creatures. The “Code Zoo” section of the Big House is a proprietary magneto-optical data storage unit used to secure any and all artificial intelligences that have been captured, this means entire programs, and or fragments of code. A.I. It is usually located in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier.

This is the Code Zoo, a digital containment facility located inside the Big House on S.H.I.E.L.D.’s helicarrier. The Big House is used to store robots, androids, and cyborgs while the Code Zoo houses artificial intelligences, and dangerous computer code. Few know what it’s like to be tossed inside a system with every murderous bit of code ever written. Even the worst prisons in the world don’t have the level of aggression and destruction displayed in the Code Zoo. Hundreds of lines of code die every second.

The Golden Boughs Retirement Village

Location: Buffalo, New York

The Golden Boughs Retirement Village is a prison masquerading as a retirement home for Fables and magical practitioners. The Golden Boughs consists largely of a series of cottages assigned to the various inmates, along with a number of public buildings such as a pub, plus the various buildings required to run the place.

This is the Golden Boughs Retirement Village, the containment facility for magical creatures and practitioners located fifteen miles outside of Buffalo, New York. Quaintly called a Retirement Village this place is hardly anything polite. The warden, a man going by the name Mr. Revise, is a descendant of the Literals, a group of magical beings who personify concepts. Revise being the embodiment of the Editor with the desire to “fix” the universe. On the surface Revise claims to only wish to strip magical creatures of their darker elements but in truth he wishes to rid the world of magic in favor of science.

Hanger 44 (AKA: The Cube)

Location: Mojave Desert, Nevada

Hanger 44 is a facility on Edwards Air Force Base that tried to reverse engineer the vessel Abin Sur crash landed on Earth. It would then be converted to the prison for alien criminals who committed crimes on Earth. Due to the special containment facilities that need to be constructed it also began accepting radioactive and Gamma irradiated prisoners.

Iron Heights Penitentiary

Location: Kansas City, Kansas\Missouri

Iron Heights is a maximum-security prison in which many non-powered criminals are imprisoned. Iron Heights is not a normal prison however, they specially cater to highly-trained or high-tech criminals that are able to go toe to toe with powered individuals. Iron Heights is also known for its vicious treatment of its prisoners. The current warden, Gregory Wolfe, recently instituted a lockdown system in the building and guards are ordered to shoot any prisoner on sight if they were trying to escape or caught outside the prison.

Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Ravencroft Institute is a maximum security asylum for the mentally ill supported heavily by the US Government. Many insane murderers and super-villains were kept at Ravencroft. In addition to the mentally ill, prisoners with unusual medical conditions that prevent them from staying in a regular prison, or one of the other designated special holding facilities, are often housed in Ravencroft.

This is the Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, the containment facility for insane and special needs criminals, located on a small island in Lake Michigan three miles from Chicago, Illinois. Founded in early early 1900s as the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, a private treatment facility for the mentally ill. It wasn’t until 1974 that Arkham went public and became the world’s first mental health super-prison. After years of bad press and breakouts the facility was sold and renamed Ravencroft. While escapes have decreased dramatically little has changed in regards to the treatment of it’s inmates.

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