One of the key elements in Earth-592 is the DC\Justice League & Marvel\Avengers analogs. Basically, in-universe there are two major superhero teams that almost every hero on Earth (and some off world) claim allegiance to. The Justice League represents the majority of the DC characters while the Avengers stand in for Marvel characters. Today we’re going to take a look at the big two groups of heroes. Like always, There isn’t going to be anything posted below that you can’t find on

The Justice League

Founded in 1960 as the Justice League of America, in 2011 the League undertook a radical restructuring and created a number branches to handle specific types of threats. The group, now named simply the Justice League, is comprised of some of the world’s most powerful super-heroes dedicated to fighting crime and injustice. They work together as a team and a strike-force, acting as Earth’s first line of defense against both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial threats.

Justice League of America

Founded in 1960, but re-purposed in 2011, the Justice League of America are heroes who have been brought together to defend America from superhuman threats of all kinds.

Justice League International

Founded in 1987, the Justice League International was established to represent a more global presence. In 2011, during the Justice League restructuring, JLI became an official United Nations-backed group of crimefighters, allowing them greater resources in exchange for regulation.

Justice League Dark

A new branch founded in 2011, the Justice League Dark is dedicated to dealing with mystical and supernatural threats.

Young Justice

An initiate started in 1998 and carried through the restructuring unchanged, Young Justice is a team of younger super-heroes and side-kicks who fight crime together separately from their adult counterparts.

The Avengers

In 1963 a group of five heroes (Ant-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Wasp) banded together to defeat Loki. They decided after the battle to stay connected so that they may face evil no single hero could defeat. The Avengers are one of Earth’s two primary organizations of costumed superhuman crimefighters, adventurers and heroes dedicated to safeguarding the world from any threat beyond the power of conventional peacekeeping forces or any which any of them can’t handle alone. The Avengers have the unique distinction of becoming the first superhuman team to be granted full official government sanctions by the National Security Council of the United States, the General Assembly of the United Nations, and later by the international intelligence/law enforcement agency S.H.I.E.L.D., predating the Justice League International by almost twenty five-years.

West Coast Avengers

Founded in 1984 by veteran Avenger Hawkeye, the West Coast Avengers were responsible for the safety of the western half of the United States. During this time their founding group was known as the East Coast Avengers. In 1994 the East Coast team convened a meeting with the West Coast branch to discuss the future of the team. It was voted on and decided that due to an ever-changing membership, in-fighting among the members and attacks on the Compound it had proven too costly to maintain a separate branch of Avengers and the team was to be folded back into the East Coast branch. This decision came despite the even more fluid nature of the East Coast roster, and the fact that they had lost Avengers Mansion. However, most active members of the West Coast team were unhappy with this decision, and resigned from the Avengers entirely.

Young Avengers

In 2005 four young heroes were brought together to start the Avenger’s Acadmey. However, newspapers began to refer to the heroes as “super-powered fanboys” and label them the “Young Avengers,” a name the team members initially disliked but which stuck nonetheless.

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