Issue #7: Demon’s Teeth

This is GM Only, a look into the notes I write for the games I run. This post contains all of my notes for the League of Shadows game I’ve been running on Google Hangouts. Since this game is being recorded you can hear what actually happened here: Issue #7: Demon’s Teeth.

Demon’s Teeth

“You ain’t never free… ’cause the dirt never goes away.” – Nicholas Fury

The Squad has betrayed their masters and thrown in with the League of Shadows. There is only one problem; S.H.I.E.L.D. still holds E.C.H.I.D.N.A. and until he’s free the Squad never will be.

Fade in. It has been a long few days and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any easier. Lady Shiva takes the Squad — or whatever they choose to call themselves now — back to WonderCity. At the door to the city they are greeted by The Batman, who leads the crew deeper withing the retro-futuristic abandoned metropolis. Eventually, they come to a small nondescript building and are shown inside. The building, in contrast to the dusty and cobwebbed ruins they emerged from, is sleek and modern. Sunlight streams in from the windows, sunlight that has no explanation this far underground. There are thin glass displays with computer readouts lining the walls and everything is painted a crisp light gray color. Batman turns to them as they enter, “Welcome to the Batcave.”

From there it’s up to the players to plan their heist of ECHIDNA. The League has a little suprise waiting for ECHIDNA inside the cave; It seems like they have zsecured one of his Life Model Decoys. Since they anticipate SHIELD pulling his plug the minute they think they have gone rogue this is the only way for Nikolay to survive. The League can load him into the LMD, or at least this version of him.
Damien Wayne on the Batman

If it comes up, Damien will defend his actions (murder) with the following:

Let me tell you about my father. For all his many sins, mercy was not one of them. The things you know of Batman, his rules, were not my fathers but those of his predecessors. My father carried a revolver. My father killed when it needed to be done. It wasn’t until that slug, Grayson, came along did the Batman suddenly lose his spine. No guns. No killings. Those were Grayson’s rules, not my fathers and not mine. It was those very rules that led my Father to stripping the mantle from Grayson and Drake. So. Yes. I kill people. The Batman must kill to keep the fear alive. Chicago was at it’s worst when cowards held the mantle.

If asked about his daughter, Lady Shiva will tell Andy that Waller has been lying to him. First, he name isn’t Emily Bangs. it’s Lydia Pollard. She was given up for adoption as an infant, so it’s only a matter of time before they find the adoption records and uncover her parentage. Second, Lydia doesn’t have his powers, she has the opposite. She sees how everything grows and thrives and can heal it’s injuries. SHIELD has been careful to keep this under wraps but now that Andy has gone AWOL things could get dangerous for Lydia.

Shiva asks Andy what he wants to do with her. Her life is in danger and she doesn’t even know it. She’s never met her father or her mother, and up until a couple months ago was a normal child. The League can abduct her… but it’s going to be very traumatizing.

Remember, Waller has been listening in on everything. Except she’s in a hard place because there are no Janus Directives. Instead, the moment the team steps foot outside of Chicago she will kill their connection to ECHIDNA and send another Squad after them. She will deploy Rick Flag III into the field with orders to round up Killer Frost and Captain Cold and pursue the rogue agents.

Use the diagram of the HMS Queen Elizabeth below for a rough idea of what to expect inside. The Big House is stored on Deck 5, dot 63 “The Wardroom”.

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