Issue #6: Knight Kill

This is GM Only, a look into the notes I write for the games I run. This post contains all of my notes for my fourth session of the Suicide Squad game I’ve been running on Google Hangouts. Since this game is being recorded you can hear what actually happened here: Issue #6: Knight Kill.

Knight Kill

“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.” – Bruce Wayne

The Squad is sent to Chicago on the Janus Directive, a special protocol enacted by the government to eliminate the most powerful superheroes in the world in the event they go rogue. Their orders are clear; Kill the Batman, or die trying.

This is the first act of the Janus Directive.

This issue starts with the Squad meeting with a Batman villain to coordinate taking the Batman down. Includes various Gotham-esc antics in Chicago. The issue ends with Captain Cold and Killer Frost stopping the Squad from taking the kill shot on Batman.

Everything is black. Except for the dim glow of the red emergency lights. The contents of their briefing still burns bright on ECHIDNA’s screen in the darkness.

Kill the Batman.

The three let the message sink in for a moment before anyone speaks… Then, just as Iblis starts to open his mouth, the file vanishes, the lights shutter back to life, the door slides open, and Waller returns to the room. “What do you need?”

Waller will facilitate the mission as best she can. Luckily, she just received a report that they could exploit for cover. Obviously, she can’t deploy only Mahmoud and Andy to Chicago so she will need to send three other Squad members with.

What’s Going On

The Chicago underworld are all on edge from the recent murder of Dollmaker at the hands of the Batman. While most of Batman’s stable of foes have gone into hiding, one is on a mission of destruction; The Joker. Feeling that this new Batman is a poor imitation, unworthy of the cowl, he’s set out to kill the Batman.

The Fate of Detroit

Wilson Fisk has just arrived in Chicago to meet with Carmine Falcone about efforts to help rebuild Detroit. Luchino Nefaria and Bruno Mannheim have also come to show support for Falcone and Fisk respectively.

Carmine “The Roman” Falcone, Falcone Family, Midwest – Chicago
Luchino “Count” Nefaria, Maggia, West Coast – Los Angeles

Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk, The Hand, Northeast – New York
Bruno “Ugly” Mannheim, Intergang, Southeast – Miami

Taking Out Batman

First things first, they need to find him. Not being natives to Chicago they would need to recruit the assistance of a local. There are any handful of options but the two top names currently operating in Chicago are the Penguin and Riddler. Then they will need to plan something that will draw out the Batman. The current holder of the title is a lot more secretive than other recent Batmen have been, much like the original holder of the cowl.

1939-1966: Bruce Wayne; A reserved and secretive Batman who mostly stayed out of the public eye and kept to the streets.
1966-1968: Adam West; A television star that transformed the brooding dark stalker to a comedic punchline.
1969-1986: Richard Grayson; An outgoing and gregarious combatant that posed and smiled for the audience.
1986-1988: Jean Paul Valley; A violent and dangerous psychopath that was almost always seen punching necks.
1988-2008: Tim Drake; An active crime-fighter with no qualms being seen but no efforts to make a grand spectacle.
2008-2015: Damian Wayne; A mysterious and secretive stalker of the night, rarely seen directly but makes an massive impact.


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