Issue #4: Point of No Return

This is GM Only, a look into the notes I write for the games I run. This post contains all of my notes for my fourth session of the Suicide Squad game I’ve been running on Google Hangouts. Unfortunately the audio for this session was lost because of a technical error. Which is extra disappointing because it was a mostly player driven session and I have little to show in the way of notes.

Point of No Return

“Our roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast us.” – Magneto

After learning their true purpose, the Squad has returned to Belle Reve Penitentiary with the covert mission of uncovering any wrongdoings Amanda Waller may have perpetrated while in command. However, soon their dedication will be tested and the Squad will have to prove how far their willing to go.

This issue starts with Iblis and Gambit competing to steal something of Andy’s choosing from Killer Frost. Includes the team investigating the facility, meeting with other inmates, and digging into Waller’s past. The issue ends with Iblis and Andy being deployed with the Squad under orders to take out Boomerang Jr.

Everything is black.

Stealing Frost

Step 1: What does Killer Frost have?
ECHIDNA can check the personal inventory listing for Frost. [Tech + Intelligence]
Every 5 points reveals an additional possible item, minimum 1 item.

Step 2: What’s worth stealing?
Andy can asses ECHIDNA’s list and figure out what’s worth the most. [Brains + Alertness]
Every 5 points lets Andy add 1 step to the item’s value, minimum d6.
0-5 = 1d6, 6-10 = 1d8, 11-15 = 1d10, 16+ = 1d12

Step 3: Steal it.
Mahmoud can then steal it, preferably before Gambit. [Sneak + Agility vs. Level 10 vs. Gambit]
Level 10: Detection + Mechanical = 2d10
Gambit: Face + Agility + Seduction + “An ace up my sleeve.” = 1d6+2d8+1d10
Whoever scores the highest wins. Anyone who rolls less than Level 10 is Detected, Waller is alerted to their attempt, and time is
added to their sentence.


One of the big, recent, stories the Squad is talking about is the “Savage Lands” job. Comedian, Bronze Tiger, Magneto, Black Spider, Gambit, and Modeus were sent into the Savage Lands to take down Sinister. This is the mission where Magneto went off script, got into an argument with Waller, and ripped the Task Force X tracking satellite down. The Comedian was acting as field commander and knows the most about the mission, Bronze Tiger, Black Spider, and Gambit were sent along as support, Magneto was selected because of his knowledge of the Savage Lands, and Modeus was overseeing the operation.

The Comedian
Bronze Tiger
Black Spider

Trust Issues

Everything goes black. When the team wakes up they are back in the circular white room. While Mahmoud and Andy lay on the floor, this time ECHIDNA is left to experience the situation through their senses. Alongside the duo are three more figures, quickly identified as Captain Boomerang Jr., The Comedian, and Elektra. As everyone pulls themselves to their feet the door slides open and Waller steps into the room. “Team, I have a mission for you. Two hours ago a business jet was hijacked and set down on a remote airstrip in Idaho. You are to deploy to the area, take over the operation from any local response, secure the perimeter, breach the plane, take out the hijackers, and turn the operation back over to the locals. You are to accomplish all of this before any media arrives on the scene. Questions?”

Waller will field any questions the players have. Boomerang and Elektra are satisfied with the little intel they are given and ask no questions. If it’s not asked, Comedian will inquire to civilian presence and what, if any, measures they should take regarding civilians.

When Waller sees that no one has any further questions she steps out of the room and everything goes black again. As Mahmoud and Andy regain conciousness, ECHIDNA still watching from their eyes, they realize they are still in the white room. Captain Boomerang Jr., Comedian, and Elektra are all missing this time. The door opens and Waller returns. “As you are aware, I did not bring you in for traditional deployments. However, due to interference with my plans, I’ve decided that you will continue to deploy alongside the Squad until I can determine who’s team you’re playing for. As to not waste your unique talents or hinder your ability to work together as a duo I have secondary orders for you. One of the civilian passengers on board is Susanna Gould. You are to take her out along with the hijackers. Understood?”

This time, Waller won’t answer and questions. Attempts to clarify the mission will be met with a, “You have your orders. If I wanted you to know more, I would have told you more.” or similar.

Once Waller is satisifed that the team understands their orders everything goes black… again. This time only Andy wakes up in the white room, Mahmoud has been removed and ECHIDNA has been blocked from the standard Task Force X channel, though he still watches from the secure line provided by Checkmate. “One last thing, Andy. You have a special purpose. One above and beyond anyone else on the team. You were brought in to be our executioner. I expect you to eliminate Squad members who have betrayed the team. Tonight, while deployed, you need to kill Owen Mercer. Preferably during the breach of the plan, when blame can be laid to rest with the hijackers. Is this all understood?”

Waller will answer some of Andy’s questions, if their reasonable, but not any in regards to what Owen has done.

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