Floyd Lawton is another staple of Suicide Squad lore. My version is pretty different than the one you may be used to. Take a look. Like always, There isn’t going to be anything posted below that you can’t find on http://earth-592.robjustice.net.

Floyd Lawton

“That’s yer problem, lady. You believe people can be cured, be made healthy, be made normal — that they can be saved. That they should be saved. But maybe the only way to cure some people is with a bullet between the eyes.”

Floyd came from a rough home. A physically abusive father and mentally abusive mother drove him to enlist when he was 16, forging his enlistment papers. For the next six years, Floyd was forged into one of the top soldiers in the US Army. Floyd dedicated himself to becoming the tool the government needed and when he was recruited into Task Force X at age 22.

Floyd loves the United States and truly believes it’s the best nation in the world. So much so, that he’s justified the things he’s done as part of the job. These things still haunt him; from his early days in the Army and to his missions with the Suicide Squad. Floyd has never become comfortable with taking a life, but he does it because it’s asked of him.

There are only two people in the world that Floyd has hated enough to break orders over. The first was Batman, the only man to not only stop Floyd from a mission but to catch him in the act. The second, was Deathstroke. It seemed that no matter how hard Floyd tried, he could never best Deathstroke.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Classified Timeline

1965: Floyd is born,
1981: Floyd forges his enlistment papers and joins the US Army at age 16.
1983: Floyd earns the nickname Deadshot after breaking numerous firearms related records at age 18.
1987: Deadshot joins the Suicide Squad at age 22.
1992: Deadshot is released from the Suicide Squad at age 27.
2011: Deadshot is drafted into the Suicide Squad at age 46.
2015: Deadshot is 50.

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