Stairway to Hope

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The trio charge up the stairs, fighting floor after floor trying to reach the roof. Some floors are worse than others with the trio facing ten or twelve zombies at a time. Others are empty with only a straggler for the group to run past.

Half-way up the VP starts to feel sick, the bite on his arm burns hot and his muscles tighten. He manages to push through the pain and keep going up the stairs.

Floor after floor the trio fight for their lives. The creatures are merciless and unrelenting, attacking the characters without hesitation. Sooner or later every single one of the characters is scratched or torn at by the zombies but finally the reach the fourteenth floor.

Three zombies stand between them and the rooftop access. Each character pulls out their .38s and charge forward. In unison they pull the triggers and the last three of the zombies drop dead. The burst out onto the roof just in time to watch the sun set.

They quickly start grabbing up the buckets of asphalt and rakes to try to barricade the door. Once they feel a marginal sense of security they start looking around them. Circling the city they see three helicopters, two belonging to the police and one for a local news station.

The Jeweler suggests flashing S.O.S. with their flashlights to signal a chopper and soon one of the police notice the trio. From a loudspeaker they are instructed to hold tight and a rescue team will be sent their way momentarily.

Five minutes pass. Then ten. Fifteen and twenty. A full thirty-five minutes later they see the speck of a rescue chopper appear at the edge of the city. Just then the door to the office groans and bends as a multitude of zombies batters against it. The chopper grows closer as the weight of the zombies starts to push the door open.

The chopper comes into view and the trio begin signaling with their flashlights. They watch in horror as a creature lunges into the cockpit and tears out the pilots throat. The chopper goes into a tailspin, crashing five blocks from the trio. Then the door bursts open and zombies begin spilling out onto the rooftop.

The group looks around quickly and notice that the parking garage next door is close enough to jump to. They all take a running start and try to leap to the relative safety of the garage roof. The VP clears the four-foot gap and collapses on the ground from his wounds. The Jeweler clears the gap and lands steadily on his feet. The Writer’s foot catches on the ledge of the office roof and he tumbles forward into the gap, catching himself at the last-minute on the edge of the parking garage…

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