Parking Ramp Panic: Part Two

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The Jeweler and VP watch on the camera as the Writer’s mini-van bursts to life and tears out of its parking space. The van slides sideways and slams its side into the rear-end of a car across the row. The VP jogs out of the security room and waves down the Writer. The Writer, spotting the VP, slams his foot down on the gas and brings the van speeding towards the hallway the VP is peaking out of.

The Writer manages to squeeze the van down the hallway and next to the door to the maintenance office. He pops the side door of the van open and scrambles into the office. The VP locks the door and the trio regroup in the security office. The three of them all slump into office chairs and the Writer rubs at his temples. Finally having a chance to stop and think he goes over what he’s learned and the common myths about the reanimated dead.

The Writer tells the VP and Jeweler that he’s pretty sure the infection is spread through bites and that they may have hours between the time of death and full reanimation. The VP nods silently and, accepting his fate, asks for the Jeweler or Writer to shoot him before he turns. The Jeweler and Writer start discussing who will do the deed when the VP sits back in his chair and falls asleep.
Looking at the VP the Writer goes to check his pulse but the Jeweler stops him and begins to wheel the VP out into the entry room. Just before he reaches the door the VP bursts back to life and spins around in his chair. He lunges to his feet and tries to bite at the Jeweler. The Jeweler shoves the VP back down into the chair and the Writer steps up next to him, .38 in hand, and puts a bullet between the VP’s eyes.

The duo finish wheeling the VP’s corpse into the entry room before bandaging each other’s wounds, turning off the generator, and laying down for the night.

Down on the first floor a Good Ol’ Boy sits in his pick-up truck, nursing a bear and nibbling on pork rinds. He’s been here all day, having come into town to renew his fishing license this morning. While he was waiting for the office to open he nodded off in his truck, only to wake up hours later when dead men were banging on his truck windows. Looking around he saw dozens of the dead buggers shambling around so he decided to just lay low and wait for this whole fiasco to blow over.

The Ol’ Boy watched as panic swept through the city folk and they crashed their tiny tin cars into each other as they raced to escape the ramp. He watches calmly knowing that his big ass duel-wheeled diesel truck would be able to push those cute little city cars right out-of-the-way when he decides to leave. He has enough beer and chips to last him a couple of days and by then he should be able to pull out of here, drive back to his cabin, and spend the weekend on the boat.

The Ol’ Boy even watches as the power goes out and the parking ramp is plunged into darkness. He figures tomorrow morning he’ll pull out of here and be on his way so he doesn’t let the darkness worry him any. It’s when the lights come back on in a few hours that he starts to get nervous. The light is like a beacon to the undead and he watches as creatures start pouring in from off the street. He fires up his truck and starts to push his way up to the fifth floor generator that he saw earlier. Just as his truck pulls up onto the fourth floor the lights go out again. Figuring there must be someone in there dicking around he decides to go see what their plan is.

The diesel truck pulls up to the hallway, blocking it a little more, and the Ol’ Boy hops out. He makes his way over to the van, checks it out, and then squeezes down the side to the door. He bangs on the door and calls out, waking the Writer and Jeweler. The duo make their way over and after a brief conversation decided to let the Ol’ Boy sleep inside for the night. The three of them start talking about their long-term plans and eventually decide on a basic course of action.

First, their going to take the diesel truck and plow out of this damned garage. Then they are going to swing by the Jeweler’s house to check on his dog, supplies, and girlfriend. They will then make their way over to the closest emergency shelter they saw on the TV earlier and if that’s a bust they’ll start the trek out to the Ol’ Boy’s cabin. They also agree that should any tempting locations come across their path that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop and get some supplies.

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