Parking Ramp Panic: Part One

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The Jeweler runs over to the Writer and tries to pull him from the ledge. The Writer grabs his hand but he only manages to yank the Jeweler over the guard rail further. The VP limps over and tries to help too but his wounds are too severe and he only manages to grab a hold of the Writer’s other arm. While fruitlessly struggling to lift the Writer the trio notice an opening onto the floor below them and attempt to swing the Writer onto the Parking Garage’s fifth floor.

The Writer swings out and back in, the VP and Jeweler let go hoping he’ll make a safe landing… But the Writer’s legs crash into the guard rail and he goes toppling headfirst onto the cold hard concrete of the parking structure. The Writer picks himself up and the VP and Jeweler start yelling for him to throw them his car keys. The trio argue until the Writer hears the moans and groans of the living dead start to close in on him.

The Jeweler and VP smash the window of a mini-van and attempt to hot-wire the car… Only to realize that neither of them have ever had to before. Below them the Writer hears the zombies closing in and quietly slips into an open van, locking the door behind him. Giving up on stealing a car the Jeweler and VP begin making their way down the stairs to the lower levels of the garage. They make it all the way down to the third floor, hearing the groans and cries of the dead grow louder and louder. Instead of risking a run for their cars they head back up to the fifth floor where they noticed a maintenance room earlier.

Inside the van the Writer sees more and more creatures start to push against the windows. He’s certain that none of them saw him hide in here, but they seem to sense his presence anyway. Meanwhile, the VP and Jeweler make their way into the maintenance room, only to find a small security office and generator. They flip the generators back on, watching as the remaining quarter tank of gas starts to drain away. The lights of the garage flicker back to life and the duo head back into the security office to check the cameras.

They check each floor, seeing a large pile up in front of the entrance to the garage where desperate survivors panicked trying to escape. Hundreds of creatures crawl over the wreckage on the first two floors but their numbers seem to dwindle the higher up the ramp they go. By the time they get the cameras to the fifth floor they see a dozen creatures all banging on a van that’s close by where they flung the writer. As they watch they see the headlights of the van burst to life as the engine roars. Back inside the van the Writer has just successfully hot-wired the car and is ready to make a mad dash… somewhere.

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