Drug Run

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The next morning our trio awakens and begins their trek out into the world with a warm beer. After breakfast they peek out of their hiding spot and find the fifth floor of the parking garage devoid of life and unlife alike. They close their door again and go to turn on the generator. Once power is restored to the parking ramp they begin watching the cameras. The top three floors look empty and while there are a handful on the first three there are considerably less than the night before.

The trio kill the generator and head out to the cars. The Writer hops into the van while the Jeweler and Ol’ Boy pile into his diesel truck. The Writer follows the Ol’ Boy down floor after floor until they come bumper to bumper with the wrecked cars blocking the entrance. The Ol’ Boy slows down and starts to push the blocking vehicles out of his way. Metal scrapes along the sides of the truck and the Ol’ Boy winces as his truck’s paint is torn away. Behind him the Writer makes sure to stay in the wake of the Ol’ Boy’s truck.

Breaking out of the parking ramp the Jeweler decided to give the Ol’ Boy directions to take the scenic route, the one that takes them down side roads and past more of the city than the main streets. The Ol’ Boy goes as fast as he can but the narrow side streets are littered with forgotten cars and he must slow down to drive around.

About half-way back to the Jeweler’s home they approach a small corner pharmacy. Deciding that there might be some valuable supplies inside they pull over and prepare for some old fashion looting. The Writer and Jeweler head inside while the Ol’ Boy watches the cars.

Inside the duo grab up some plastic bags and the Jeweler makes his way over to the bandages, gauze, and over the counter medication. The Writer looks around the manages to find the door to the prescription cabinet which is, unfortunately, locked. Listening at the door the Writer can hear a number of people breathing on the other side but when he knocks and calls out to them only groans come in reply.

The Writer raises his shotgun and blasts a hole in the door, hoping to get a better look inside. The prescription room is a mess, shelves of pills have been knocked down and medication is strewn about the floor. Inside there are also four creatures, two trapped by shelving and while lurch towards the doorway. The Writer backs away and starts grabbing up basic first aid supplies with the Jeweler.

Outside the Good Ol’ Boy hears the shotgun blast from inside and glances around him. It doesn’t look like he was the only one who noticed the sound as the undead on the street start making their way towards the pharmacy. The Ol’ Boy keeps an eye on the couple of creatures making their way towards the pharmacy as the Writer and Jeweler keep grabbing up supplies.

From the other side of the truck the Ol’ Boy hears a thump and he spins around to see a dozen of the creatures have snuck up on the vehicles. The Ol’ Boy jumps back in the cab and lays into the horn. Inside the pharmacy the Jeweler and Writer turn and run towards the front door but see two zombies are standing in the doorway. They raise the shotguns and with two duel barks they cleanly remove the heads from the creatures.

As the duo make their way outside they see all the creatures swarming over the vehicles and coming down the streets. Dozens more have poured out from the buildings across the street and it looks like more just keep swarming out. The Ol’ Boy kicks the passenger side door open and the other two make a mad dash for the truck. Diving into the cab the Writer lands hard on his already injured shoulder and pain shoots up his arm. The Jeweler pulls the door shut and yells for the Ol’ Boy to gun it.

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