Dillardo Residence: Part Two

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The Ol’ Boy makes his way over to Dominick and nudges him in the side. The two trade places and Dominick patrols the house for his watch. As Dominick makes his way through the kitchen he hears a wet thump against the back door. He slowly makes his way over to peer out the window into the backyard. Spying dozens of creatures meandering about he heads upstairs to check the front and sides of the house too. As if the house is some silent beacon, the creatures have began to surround the Dillardo residence.

Dominick decides to just wait until morning for them to disperse and keeps a silent vigil throughout the night. The next morning Dominick wakes up his companions and the trio watch in horror as only more zombies have piled up outside. They wait until the sun is high in the sky, hoping that they will disperse like they did the day before, but only more keep showing up.

They then begin discussing distraction methods to help lure the creatures away from the house. The Ol’ Boy slips up into the attic with an old pager, an MP3 player, and some hamburger meat. First, the Ol’ Boy balls up the meat and chucks it out the window but the creatures don’t seem too interested in the cold flesh.

Ol’ Boy switches shift. Jeweler spots zombies piling up in the backyard. He waits as more pile up. By morning almost a hundred zombies have surronded the house. The Ol’ Boy goes up into the attic to try to get the zombie’s attention, they throw hamburger meat, a mp3 player, and a pager out the window trying to see what grabs their attention. Nothing seems to work so he brings a radio upstairs and turns it on. Zombies begin attacking the house. Everyone waits in the truck and listen as zombies pile up on the garage door. the ol’boy crashes through the door and into the street, tearing up his truck. they tear off down the road and a 1/2 mile before the shelter they spy the jeweler’s girlfriend’s car crashed on the side of the street.

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