Dillardo Residence: Part One

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The Good Ol’ Boy slams on the gas and the truck tears off down the road. A couple of the creatures had made their way into the bed of the truck but when they hit the first corner the undead tumble out and slam down onto the sidewalk. The trio watch as the creatures turn to shamble towards them but after a minute, and couple turns, the creatures are nowhere to be seen.

Their drive through town is more of the same. Open storefronts and missing people. There are scenes of carnage, corpses, and the odd zombie or two but no signs of survivors. It doesn’t even look like the town had time to riot or loot. It’s like everyone just vanished.

Eventually the trio arrive at the home of the Jeweler, Dominick Dillardo. They pull up onside of a pristine house and pile out of the truck. The Ol’ Boy double checks and makes sure the truck doors get locked and the Writer urges them to check around the outside before heading in. The Jeweler takes the lead and leads the other two around the side of the house and through a small fence gate.

They round the corner to the back of the house and spot a single zombie splashing about in the swimming pool. The water level has dipped down and the creature seems unable to pull himself from the pool. The Ol’ Boy comments that he’s pretty stuck down there and isn’t worth taking the time to deal with. Dominick jokes that he’s sure they’ll regret that later but heads over and unlocks the backdoor.

They step in and hear the tell-tale chirp of Dominick’s alarm system. Dominick moves quickly over to the wall panel and turns off the system. He smiles faintly and comments that at least there can’t be anyone inside. The Ol’ Boy asks if he can raid Dominick’s fridge and the Writer makes his way into the living room. Dominick tells the Ol’ Boy to help himself but he wants to go upstairs to see if his girlfriend is still here.

Upstairs Dominick heads to the bedroom but quickly finds his gun case open, and empty, on his bed. Back downstairs the Ol’ Boy opens the fridge, pulls out some lunch meat, and then notices the note pinned to the fridge door. The note reads:

I hope you find this. I’ve taken Earl and Susie to the National Guard center off McKinley Avenue. The one by the airport. Come find me. I’m scared and I miss you. Love, Chelsea.

The Ol’ Boy brings the note to Dominick who curses his girlfriend for taking his gun. The trio then sweep through the house but, like Dominick thought, it’s empty. Despite only being noon they decide to take the day to board up the house, eat, and rest. The Writer takes on the security system while the Ol’ Boy heads upstairs to barricade some windows. Dominick boards up the downstairs doors and window but keeps getting distracted by crashes and bangs from the Ol’ Boy’s fumbling. Upstairs the Ol’ Boy managed to smash out a couple of windows, put holes in a few walls, and generally makes a bigger mess than anything else.

The Writer manages to get into the bios of the security system and begins to compile a set of custom commands on Dominick’s laptop. Eventually he uploads his new program to the system that offers a wider sweep range for the motion sensors outside and a softer internal alarm so that if any creatures trip the sensors they don’t just attract more with the noise. All in all they feel fairly safe in the house, with the exception of a couple upstairs rooms that they close off and avoid.

The Ol’ Boy pulls out a medical bag and patches up the Writer before the go to sleep but in the night the Writer pulls out some of his stitches and wakes up in blood and pain throughout the night. The Ol’ Boy and Dominick also decide to take shifts keeping watch, with the Ol’ Boy taking up the first shift. Munching on some chips and drinking Dominick’s beer help pass the first part of the evening and soon it’s time for him to switch with Dominick and get some sleep of his own.

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