Cellar Dwellers: Part Two

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The monsters grab at the Writer and Jeweler without much success before they are dispatched with a lethal efficacy. The Writer tucks his gun under the chin of one of them and blows it’s head clear off while the Jeweler shoves his 9mm into the creature’s mouth and blows out the back of it’s head. The VP comes out of the Men’s room and pats down the bodies. They manage to find three working mag-lights among the bodies.

The trio then take turns listening at various doors around the hallway before deciding to check the second door on the right. They push the door open to find an office supply room with two corpses inside. Both are chewed down to the bone with gunshot wounds in their heads. One is still slumped against the wall and a handgun rests in his mouth. After a quick look around, and a moment to grab the gun, they go back and listen are the other three doors.

They can hear slow shuffling movement in all of the rooms, some with multiple creatures inside. After some deliberation they decide to open the door across from the storage room. The Writer and VP hang back, flashlights raised, while the Jeweler boots the door open with his gun drawn. A rotted bloody creature stands just past the door. A quick light sweep of the room reveals the building’s security office and our protagonists get ready to dispatch the creature.

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