Cellar Dwellers: Part Three

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

BANG! The Jeweler shoots straight through the monster’s chest. BANG! The VP’s shot passes harmlessly through it’s arm. BANG! The Writer sinks a shot into it’s shoulder without effect. The creature lurches forward and starts to seize the Jeweler but acting quickly the Jeweler shoves the creature backwards and presses his gun under it’s chin. BANG! And the thing’s brains splatter onto the ceiling.

The trio make their want into the security office, locking the door behind them. They see a small camera station and the Writer goes to work getting access to the building’s camera feeds. Soon they are looking into offices overran with monsters, a lobby that is surrounding by hundreds of the creatures, and a roof that is peacefully devoid of any carnage.

The Jeweler makes his way over to a small locked cabinet, wiggles the handle, and then blasts the lock off with his handgun. Inside the trio find a veritable armory filled with .38 caliber revolvers, two shotguns, and more ammo then they’d ever need. The Writer and VP both grab .38s and shotguns while the Jeweler moves the ammo from the VP’s 9mm into his own before grabbing a .38 as well.

Fully armed and feeling far more confidante they make their way next door to the building manager’s office where they know two creatures are waiting for them on the other side of the door. Filled with rage at his seemingly constant failures the VP charges at the door, putting all of his weight behind his dress shoe as he slams the door open. The door rips off of it’s hinges and all of the VP’s weight comes crashing down on top of it. The creatures crash to the floor, underneath the door, and the VP lands hard on top of them. The trio hear a sickening crack as brains shoot out from under the wood door.

They make their way into another mostly useless office, checking for survivors and supplies, but quickly notice the building manager trapped in his small partitioned off office in the back of the room. They watch as the stump of one of his mangled wrists smears black blood all over the window in the door. The Jeweler walks up to the window and fires a shot from his 9mm into the creature’s face.

The shot shatters the glass window but only takes off the side of the creature’s jaw. The office manager starts to pull himself through the window but the Jeweler pulls a .38 from his pocket, steps up next to the creature, presses the barrel to the side of it’s head, and pulls the trigger. The late office manager’s brains splatter his partition walls and the trio make their way into the room. Inside they find a small universal power supply along with a tiny 13″ television set. The flip on the set and watch the following news report:

A disheveled newsman sits behind a cluttered desk. Behind him the station is in chaos, interns and P.A.s running confusedly in the background.

The newsman holds a stack of papers in front of him, reading out loud, but not quite believing what he’s been given…

“It would seem that the violence which has gripped our city is spreading nationwide. Reports of mutilations and cannibalism have been pouring in over the last few minutes. Unfortunately, they are all being traced back to here… It would seem that many citizens exposed to the chemicals released in the Genetech spill of last night have boarded planes, buses, and other means of transportation, and are carrying this strange disease with them. Unfortunately, they are not manifesting symptoms of the condition until they are far along their journey.”

He is handed a new sheet of paper. He looks down on the sheet, then off camera.

“Is this some kind of fucking joke? Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t believe what I’m being asked to read to you, but I have been assured it is the truth… The bodies of the dead, victims of these strange assaults over the last few hours, have been returning to life, attacking, and killing others…”

The newsroom erupts in shouts and yelling.

“We’ll stay right here throughout this crisis and get you more information as we can…”
The screen goes blank and a beat later is filled with information on emergency locations and shelters.

The trio note their closest emergency shelter and the VP grabs the office keys off the dead manager’s corpse. They then make their way back to the security office to restock before going to clear the… zombies, out of the generator room.

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