Cellar Dwellers: Part One

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The characters take a couple of seconds to look around the elevator lobby before making their way over to a dead security guard in the middle of the room. The corpse is face down and it’s arms are splayed out at impossible angles. The back of the guard’s skull has been blown completely off. The Writer holds the flashlight while the Jeweler keeps his gun leveled at the dead guard. The VP reaches down and flips the guard over. His throat was torn out and chunks were missing from his arms and legs. Luckily, his .38 handgun was still in its holster and the VP quickly grabs it.

After a fruitless search of the check-in desk the trio open the double doors to the hallway. The hall is poorly lit and there are bloodstains, gunshot holes, and furniture littering the hall. Three bloody and beaten figures stand in the hallway and as the Writer shines his light down the hall they turn to look at the characters. One’s face is half torn off and another’s guts are spilling out onto the floor, these people clearly aren’t human any longer.

Fear strikes the trio like a wave and the VP looses his lunch all over the floor, dropping the .38 next to him as he vomits. The Writer quickly grabs up the pistol and squeezes off a shot at the encroaching undead. The shot goes wide but luckily the Jeweler scores a hit, just below the creatures neck. The VP throws open the men’s room door as the creatures shamble closer.

With the monsters nearly on top of them the Writer squeezes off another shot that passes harmlessly through the monster’s torso. The Jeweler lines up and blows out the creature’s neck, severing it’s head from it’s body. The VP smashes a bathroom mirror and arms himself with a shard of glass… Our protagonists are in dire straits as this entry ends.

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