Cellar Dwellers: Part Four

Coffee Break was a game I ran for some coworkers on our lunch break back in 2012. These are the session recaps.

The Jeweler slowly opens the door to the generator room and slips inside. Not five feet from him a zombie sits crewing on the guts of a dead maintenance man. The Jeweler lines up his shot and blasts the creatures brains out. Hearing the noise the zombie caught in the generator wiring jerks forward, tearing wires from their sockets. The emergency lights cut out and the characters are thrown into a pool of darkness.

The VP raises his flashlight and charges towards the zombie with his shotgun raised. He pulls the trigger and blasts the creature’s arm without much effect. The writer raises his .38 revolver and shoots wildly as the zombie lumbers forward and grabs hold of the VP. The rotted flesh of his hands tear away as he digs his fingers into the VP’s shoulder.

The Jeweler levels his 9mm and fires at the creature tangled with the VP but the shot goes wide. The VP struggles in the creatures grip but his struggling only causes the zombie’s fingers to dig in deeper. The Writer charges forward, levels the shotgun next to the VP’s head and fires right past the zombie. Still tangled with the VP, the zombie leans down and bites a chunk out of the VP’s arm.

The Jeweler pulls out his .38 revolver and moves up on the VP’s other side but his shot whizzes past the creature’s head. The VP tries to twist free unsuccessfully as the Writer shoves the barrel of his shotgun into the zombie’s eye socket. The Writer pulls the trigger and the VP is splattered with the creature’s brain matter.

With the last creature in the room dispatched the trio start looking over the wires it pulled loose. The Jeweler steps up and starts reconnecting wires and after a moment the emergency lights come back on. The team make their way back to the security office to restock their ammo supply before heading to the stairwell.

With the Jeweler taking the lead they clear out the rough barricade around the stairwell door and make their way in. They emerge on the bottom landing and as the door clicks shut behind them they can hear the moans and wails of the living dead echoing through the stairwell.

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