Murder! Be Thy Name

Murder! Be Thy Name
Rob Justice
Role-Playing Game 2018

I began writing Murder! Be Thy Name on July 4th, 2018 and gave myself the challenging deadline of producing this, in print, in time to bring a copy of American Murder Song on September 16th, 2018 at their show in Kansas City.

Creating this game was a real challenge for me but it is one of the most meaningful and enjoyable pieces I’ve ever written. I’m exceptionally proud of this book. It’s my first self-published game that I’ve had physically printed. The first game I’ve ever done graphic design and layout for. The first game I wrote completely by myself.

What is it?

Murder! Be Thy Name is a tabletop role-playing game for 2 – 7 players. The game takes place for a few hours a night, often only a single night, but a tale can last through several if desired. Playtime duration is ultimately in your hands.

Everything you see and read has been heavily inspired by the inspired by the musical experience of American Murder Song. This game would not exist if not for their music. American Murder Song was founded in 2016 by Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, and uses murder ballads to explore American history, especially 19th century America.

“Cain slaying Abel”
Peter Paul Rubens
Painting between 1608 and 1609

To play a game of Murder!Be Thy Name, one player will take on the role of the Trav’ler, an omniscient figure who assists the other players in telling their tales of murder. A traditional role-playing game would call this person the Game Master.

The rest of the players make up the main cast of the story. Each player takes the role of a unique Child of Mother Columbia, also known as an American.

Both the Trav’ler and the Players work together to craft their unique tales of how lives cross and ultimately lead to bloodshed.

Where do you get it?

It’s for sale right now on DriveThruRPG. For $5 you can get the PDF. Only $10 gets you a softcover book and $20 gets you a hardcover book.

Or you can buy the PDF directly from me for $4 as well as download a full-page version of the Character Sheet.

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